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Jan 09, 2023


As the Lupo Digital Paid Media Advertising Expert, you will set up, configure, develop and continuously optimise ad campaigns, ad creative, ad copy and landing pages. You will work with all aspects of paid media and advertising including but not limited to automation, ad scheduling, conversion tracking, offers, video ads, e-commerce, and bidding optimisation.

As Paid Media Advertising Expert, you will join a small team on a full-time basis. You will be working remotely and will be communicating with the Lupo Digital Sydney team via Slack, Zoom, and ClickUp Project Management.

You will have extensive experience:
Across Google, Facebook, Instagram paid media platforms (LinkedIn nice to have)
Managing, optimising, maintaining AND reporting on: account level, campaigns, AdGroups, ads (copy & design)
You must be a master of result in paid media and advertising from a maintenance point of view, as well optimisation of campaigns to improve them over time across the variety of tools included across paid media platforms.

To be clear - we know how to do Paid media. We currently succeed in setup and optimisation but due to high demand we are scaling and need a master to help us expand on our current offering.

Absorb campaign strategy and brief (you will be provided with a detailed strategy map across top, middle and bottom of the funnel), ask questions if necessary, then provide creative ads. This will then be reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

Google AdWords

You will need to demonstrate your experience with these Google Products ( in addition to social media platforms listed below):
Google Analytics (GA Goal setting and Tracking), Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords
Tools we expect you are the master of include: Call Extensions, Message extensions, Sitelink extensions, Location targeting, Call-out extensions, Structured snippet extensions, Ad scheduling and timing, Remarketing Campaigns (including dynamic display ads for better CTR if required), Automatic(dynamic) extensions, experience experimenting with Ad Text Variations.
You must be intimate with all platform settings and how to align the best settings to achieve strategic requirements and goals

Tracking and reporting
You must have experience setting up and installing tracking pixels and conversion tracking, tracking codes for Google, Facebook, Instagram

Since you have experience getting results in Paid Media we expect you to arrive with winning reporting capabilities and optimisation plans for example: being able to identify gaps to test, then setup hypotheses formally to track and measure, report and repeat the process (across all platforms you master).

Additionally, you must have experience working with:

Shared and direct Budgets across campaigns, ad groups and ads.
Improve Ad relevance based on quality score, Bids (adjustments, amounts etc)
In-platform Competitor analysis for ads,bid cost,rank-position for keywords etc.

Expectations for typical minimum inclusion in Google ad Campaign setup:

Keywords research (Google AdWords platform Tools, Google Search Console for search queries - other products we may need to engage, AHREFS, SEO Moz etc)..
Conduct Audits on each platform if required
Brand only (always on Brand) campaign
Product(s) and or services ad campaigns
Competitor campaigns
Call-only campaigns (where applicable)
As applicable to text-based as well as image(display) based campaigns: Top of funnel > Lead Generation + Middle and Bottom of funnel > Remarketing

You will work closely with our SEO team on keyword and related research.

You may need to brief the development team on Landing page requirements for best Quality score, CTR and conversion optimisation requirements for example the right keywords to ad on page per ad group requirement, Call to action to lead users through the page to conversion and image requirements.

Similarly to the above Google products, we require the same for Facebook and Instagram Upgrade to see actual infoSENTIAL SKILLS
Strong English, including written and spoken comprehension
High internet Speed with Fast Backup Connection and 2 x monitors
Ability to work under pressure and to time constraints
College or University Graduate
Ability to quickly learn new systems - must be Tech Savvy
Ability to think outside the box - You must find potential problems before they arise!
Sense of Urgency - We are a business in a competitive industry, we strive to provide the quickest and most efficient service and delivery turn around times
Ability to take criticism as an opportunity to grow and learn
Strong, confident Individual who will become part of the team, but will also strive to improve the team as a whole
Google certified


Additional skill in the HubSpot platform will be useful.

When submitting your resume:
If you have less than 3 years experience in all of the above DO NOT APPLY for this role.
Please include current references
Please let us know what your internet speed is (both upload and download)
Please advise what PC/Laptop and Mobile Device you are using currently
Tell us about yourself & your home office setup - Are you in a quiet neighbourhood? Do you have children at home while you are working? Do you have a separate room for your home office?
Previous experience working for Australians will be highly regarded but nice to have not Upgrade to see actual infoclude reference to your HubSpot certificates (if you have)

Interviews will be conducted via Conference Call (Zoom) and you may be required to complete a written test.

Please let me know the result for your internet speed.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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