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ca. $200/month




Nov 19, 2022


We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company from Austria developing SaaS for clients and for in house use. We are developing mainly web-projects.
We are seeking programmers who can support us in developing our atk4 / agiletoolkit projects.
Our core values are freedom, openess, honesty and respect.

1. What We Are Looking For In You?
We are looking for motivated web programmers delivering clean code and fast results.
* You should be a self-starter, self-thinking and an improvisation talent.
* If you come across an obstacle you should be able to resolve it in the most efficient and smartest way possible.
* You must be experienced in PHP, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, mySql, HTML and the likes.
* You should also have at least basic knowledge about the atk4 / agiletoolkit framework. If you have no experience, you should be willing to learn that framework.

2. Why You Should Work For Us?
Whoever we dUpgrade to see actual info to work with will be part of some very exciting projects. We currently have 2 projects in development we need support for.
* 1 of them is an ad management tool, which is finalised 40%
* The second is a platform for one of our own companies providing access to financial tools. This project is currently in it's conception stage.
You can work remotely without being tied to any Upgrade to see actual infopending on your skillset you may learn a new, amazing framework (atk4) which is very effective, fast and modular.

3. 100% Time Flexibility
There are usually no strict hours that you need to work as the job is completely flexible once all tasks are completed on schedule.
I expect a part-time involvement, 10-15 hours a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
There might be a need for additional hours in the future or when we are close to a deadline, which will be discussed if relevant.

4. The process
a) We are inviting all applicants who fulfil our expectations "on paper" to a ZooUpgrade to see actual infoeting
b) If we think you you could fit to us (and you think you could fit to us as well), we will give you a small test project, which is part of the application. You should deliver the result as soon as possible for you then.
c) Based on the results of the tests, we are inviting all remaining programmers to work with us in an initial 1 month screening period (which will be paid). An NDA must be signed beforehand by all participants.
d) We select the candidates that are invited to work with us long-term

If you are selected to work with us after the initial four weeks, we will offer a payment per hour expected to be around 200 dollars per month for the 10 hours per week schedule.
We will conduct a pay review provided every 3 months based on performance.
Tasks will be provided and all results monitored.

5. Apply now!
Apply now to become part of some exciting projects, be part of a great team and get educated on modern programming using state to the art software and design.

Apply by writing to us
1. Why should we bring you on our team?
2. Your strengths?
3. One weakness of yours?

• Experienced in PHP, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, mySql, HTML and the likes
• Fluent in English (written & spoken)
• Communicative
• Open and honest
• Loyal
• Focused
• Having the opportunity to invoice our company to be paid as a freelancer, as we don't hire currently (hiring in a few weeks/months optional)
• Committed to learn and contribute
• Committed to be on time at meetings and to deliver work in agreed timeframes

Web Development
Software Development / Programming
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