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[NEW] India Sourcing Manager for Amazon FBA - long term - remote

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up to 1600 USD depending on experience and hours per week




Oct 15, 2022


India Sourcing Manager for Amazon FBA

long term / remote
[Part time and fully remote with option to scale up over time]


A highly professional team with 7 years of Amazon FBA e-commerce experience selling mostly in Germany but also in Italy, Spain and France.

Mission Green’s core brands are BERGKVIST, KÖKSMAGI, LOEV, LA VIDA AQUA and VOLVION, mostly in the Outdoor & Kitchen space

Team size: 5 members in the core team/leadership with another 5-8 supporting daily operations.

German leadership team with a positive attitude and results focus. We’re in this together and we help each other out.

Obsessed with customer satisfaction. We all work together to make sure our customers get the highest quality products possible at the fairest price. If the customers are happy, so are we.

For more information feel free to check our Mission Green Company Information PDF that also contains this little welcome video we recorded for you:

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Here you can find our Company Information PDF:
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As a Sourcing Manager for India, you will manage the entire process from finding the right supplier for existing or new private label products to making sure the products get produced, quality checked and ready for EXW pickup.

At the core, your job is to provide an equal or better alternative supply chain to our existing China supply chains!

You are responsible for delivering at least one performing supply chain per Upgrade to see actual info detail, you will take on the following tasks:

- finding and searching through Indian supplier databases for suitable manufacturers of our existing or new products.

- if needed, finding, vetting and coordinating local sourcing agents via freelancer platforms or google search

- managing supplier communication from A-Z to make sure we get the highest possible quality at the target prices we need in order to make a profit

- you keep holding all people involved in the sourcing process accountable to highest performance standards.

- Preparation and creation of required print files for all of our brands such as designer briefings, user manuals, insert cards.

You put to best use your conscientiousness and attention to detail to make sure we get the highest product quality & shortest delivery time possible while protecting product margins.


Of course everybody’s individual needs are different, but here is generally what you can expect from us:

- a team of A-players. We’re all here to create and win.

- fair pay that matches your needs and ours, not just ours. So far every single negotiation we’ve had ended with everybody being happy.

- a fully remote position with very high autonomy and space for you to create

- we are not a hire&fire machine. We’re in it for the long term. If you do well and bring professionalism in everything you do there is great potential for you to rise and develop yourself into pretty much any position you Upgrade to see actual info’s entirely up to you.


- you bring the right attitude and professionalism in everything you do. You leave no problem unsolved.

- you are passionate about managing people and developing things. You are creative, and the second best solution is no option for you.

- you’re a proactive communicator. If you find a problem or something that needs optimization you’re hands on and just get it done.

- you're interested in long term personal development and growing with the company.

For more information about the hiring process and what’s next, feel free to have a look at our Company Information PDF:

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To hand in your application please exclusively reach out via via Upgrade to see actual info complete applications handed in via email will be considered. If you want to stand out, we highly recommend including a quick 60 second video about yourself.

Apart, we’re always here for you should any questions arise.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Take care,

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