Australian Asset Finance Operations Specialist / Virtual Assistant

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Nov 09, 2022


Hi there,

I am currently looking for an additional operations specialist/executive (preferably but not necessarily with Asset Finance/Mortgage Finance experience), to help with our day to day operations, loan administration and pipeline management.

Worked in the financial services industry for over 2 years.
Worked in another related industry (insurance, real estate, financial planning, accounting for) 5 + years.
Is familiar with basic Australian Laws and Governance.

Very High Attention to Detail!
Adaptable and can quickly pick up new tasks!
Highly trustworthy!
Excellent written and verbal communication skills!

About the company:

Swyft Finance is an award winning smaller ticket finance brokerage situated in Sydney Australia, that has now been operating for the last 1+ years. We have just been nominated for the rising star award with our aggregator (Connective) and have experienced tremendous growth.

Our main area of speciality includes
Commercial Asset Finance (Trucks, Machines, Vans, Cars, Robotics)
Consumer Asset Finance (Cars, Bikes, Recreational Assets)
Commercial Unsecured Finance (Line of credits, business term loans, Invoice Finance)
Consumer Unsecured Finance (Personal Loans)

Pay: TBD (Between ? 35, 000 to ? 65, 000) and your skills.

Unlike most brokerages that work with 8 - 10 lenders, our panel currently has over 60 lenders. Our business is positioned as a support service to mainly three professional groups which includes:

Mortgage Brokers
Financial Planners

These professionals refer their clients to us, and we have arranged a commission agreement for them when they refer a successful customer.

About the job:

Your role in the company will include wearing multiple hats at the same time, and you will be an integral part of the team.

Data Entry of customer details into the Mercury Platform
Proofreading and ensuring loan documents are correctly executed
Assessing bank statements and business financials
Submitting loan applications across multiple lender platforms
Creating and improving/suggesting new Standard Operating Procedures
Writing invoices and Recipient Created Tax Invoices
Understands the requirements of making a loan submission

The characteristics we look for in a successful candidate:

Strong attention to detail.
Is focussed on understanding the whole picture, learning the business and asking questions (instead of just completing tasks blindly).
Is trustworthy as they will be handling sensitive information.
Is independent, and picks up new skills quickly.
Is hard working, and will always make sure the job is done correctly.

Benefits of working with Swyft Finance:

Bonuses and rewards structure can be negotiated.
Open minded employer, who wants to learn from their VA and take their advice on board.
Daily interaction with employer
7am - 3:30pm will be your working hours
Work from home
Strong career progression and learning opportunities.
Flexible Vacation (just ask me if you need time off and we can organize)

How to apply for this job:

Send me an email to Upgrade to see actual info
Subject will have to be “I want to work with you [First Name and Last Name] from [https://(the website address for Swyft Finance)]” [This will require you to search me and find me on Linkedin And research the company]
Copy and paste the Swyft Finance Logo in the email
At the top of your message write 2-3 sentences on why you would like this position, and why you are a good fit. Do not write more than that or else your application will be deleted.
Under that name 5 lenders in Australia that are not a big bank.

What is the recruitment process:

If we are happy with your above submission, you will be directed to a small assignment and can schedule your own interview with us.
The deadline for the submission will be the 2400 (AEST) before the day of your interview.
We will do an interview and take you through a typical day in the life of working at Swyft Finance
If successful we will organize your start date.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Data Entry
Finance & Management
Financial Management
Professional Services
Legal Services
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