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$1600/Month - Starting Rate, negotiable




Oct 06, 2022



We are seeking an expert email marketing manager for our SMB. AchieveCE provides online continuing education courses for licensed professionals, with an emphasis on healthcare, and our team is primarily based in the Philippines. *Please note that this is NOT an entry-level position and only seasoned email marketing experts will be considered for the role. As a company we already have a relatively limited email marketing structure, but with no true marketing automation. The selected applicant will receive basic training on our existing practices, but they will be expected to develop the entire email marketing automation solution themselves. The pay stated in this post should be considered as a starting point and any candidates who demonstrate their ability to drive sales to the company's bottom line will have unlimited upward potential in income growth.

The responsibilities for this position include:

- Campaign Strategy - Before setting up an email automation process, the industry and target audience must be studied and a strategy developed around pursuing them that is creative, aggressive, and supports the company's brand pillars.
- Email Marketing Automation Build - Build the company email marketing automation structure using any software approved by management with the right features and cost.
- List Segmentation - Lists must be segmented based on user characteristics and activity, with actions being planned accordingly.
- Email Scheduling and Drip Campaigns - Eblasts and drip campaigns will need to be created and sent to highly segmented user groups based on their state and profession of licensure, using templates that this candidate will need to build, with support from management to ensure the messaging is compliant. Emails will need to be scheduled well in advance of high-volume periods.
- Email Optimization - All outgoing emails will need to be tested to ensure they are optimized for various aspect ratios and mobile devices.
- Template Editing and Light Coding - Great attention to detail and creativity in email designs, potentially including light HTML and CSS to edit email templates in most email automation tools; this is preferred to drag-and-drop builders.
- Analytics - Google Analytics (or other tracking tools) must be used to track conversions properly. Based on the performance data, improvements and tweaks must be made to regularly improve deliverability and conversions.
- Copywriting - Create engaging, trendy, and professional email copy for outgoing emails. As a compliance-focused company, the accuracy of all of the information we communicate is paramount and must be thoroughly reviewed before sending.
- Artwork - Create email artwork needed for each email campaign that is trendy, professional, and eye-catching. Requests may also be made for artwork in other areas of marketing as needed.
- Database Management - The company database will need to be managed and regularly purged of outdated information and contacts must be cleaned. The current database is held within a spreadsheet, and this will need to be updated to an automated, cloud-based modern solution.
- Subscriber Growth - Work with the marketing team to grow the company email database through subscriber signups and funnels.
- Internal Email Management - In addition to our external email marketing campaigns, the Email Marketing Manager will be responsible for ensuring that internal notification emails and processes such as abandoned cart monitoring are up-to-date, accurate, and Upgrade to see actual info addition to this, it should be noted that as a small but rapidly growing business, everyone on the team here tends to work together fluidly in a fast-paced and supportive culture, which means that everyone "wears multiple hats" at times, and the same will be expected of the candidate selected for this role.

If you feel that you would be an excellent fit for this role and would like to interview for the position, feel free to apply, but please make sure to clarify how you are a true expert within the field.

Thank you!


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