Real Estate Transaction Coordinator-Assistant-Social Media

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15,700-30,000+, $300-600+ Monthly




Oct 08, 2022


I’m looking for a full time Real Estate Assistant to help me with a lot of my day to day tasks to clear up my schedule. The ideal candidate would be willing to work in my time zone (You can work 8am-5pm CT, Some hours on the weekend), must be organized and have prior experience with Documents, Spreadsheets, Sending Emails and assistant work. If you have worked with real estate that’s even better.
Your Top Tasks:
* Answer emails to real estate leads on my behalf
* Screening inbound leads to make sure they qualify
* Schedule and log appointments on my calendar or teaUpgrade to see actual infombers calendar
* Outbound Cold calling. (if you have cold calling experience in real estate this is a plus)
* Manage customer queries and respond to them accordingly.
* Customer follow-up.
* Create presentation and property marketing materials.
* Manage appointments and schedule and send reminders.
* Write on digital (docusign) documents offers and send to other brokerage. We will train you on this.
* Gathering property listings to send to clients
* Texting
* Inputting new clients into my database
* Other assistant work

Job Requirements:
* Soft-spoken and good customer management skills
* Well-versed with spreadsheets, documents and emails
* Willing to work in my time zone (CT)
* Have smart phone and laptop with good internet connection
* Prior experience in a similar role in the real estate industry is a plus
*Skyslope, followupboss, (CRM and contract management)
* If you have had real estate MLS experience

-I’m very patient, understanding and easy to work with
-Flexible Vacation, if you need time off just let me know
-Opportunity to get bonuses, if you do a good job I’ll give raises and bonuses.
-When I grow, you grow. I’m looking for someone who will be in the business with me for a long time.

-You will start at lower pay initially (amount listed on job post), but will immediately have the opportunity to get bonuses for every deal that closes.
-A deal usually closes once every two weeks at the least.
-You will be paid based on hours worked.
-You will get incremental raises over time based on your growth.

Quick About me:
I have been doing real estate for 8 years, I run a small team of real estate agents. I’m with a brokerage by the name of eXp Realty. I'm a very analytical, hard working person! I always look to grow and succeed but take those around me including my VA’s to a better situation where we are all winning! When I grow you grow!

To Apply for the Job:

this whole application and resume also references of your past employment within the resume also don't forget to answer the questions below to Upgrade to see actual info and cc Upgrade to see actual info and Upgrade to see actual info

1. Change the subject line to “I Want to Work for You [Insert the name of the CEO of eXp Realty LLC here, hint: it's not me] - Real Estate Assistant”
2. What website do I have on my instagram bio? Upgrade to see actual info (mickey cavazos is the name on there) ( instagram)
3. (Label this answer 1.) At the top of your message write 2-3 sentences on why you would like this position, and why you are a good fit. Do not write more than that or else your application will be deleted.
4. (Label this answer 2.) Below that tell me what experience you have that may be suitable for this position, and what jobs you’ve worked in the past. This should be no more than 5 sentences.
5. (Label this answer 3.) If you would be working CT time, what would be your ideal hours to work?

Make sure to follow all the steps above. This is a great job opportunity with the ability to get bonuses and raises, so I will only look at applicants that really want the job. If I dUpgrade to see actual info to interview you there will be a short zoom call between us and video will be required

Do not write more than what I have asked you above, if you write more than what is asked for above I will ignore your job post.

Thank you,
Mickey Cavazos

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
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