Exceptional Ghostwriter about Crypto / Web3 / Online Business ($1000+ per month, Full-time Longterm Job)

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Full Time


$1000 / month or more




Oct 08, 2022


I'm looking to hire an exceptional ghostwriter to work with me to create educational content about web3 / crypto / online business to publish on my blog and Twitter account.

This is a full-time and long-term job. 40 hours a week. Salary starts at $1000 per month and can go up depending on your performance.

I'm the co-founder and CEO of a reputable VC firm in crypto and have been running different kinds of online businesses in the past 10 years.

I have a lot of knowledge to share but limited time to create content on my own.

You'll be working with me closely to turn my knowledge into high quality content in the form of blog article or Twitter thread.

The process would look like this:

1. We will have a weekly call to brainstorm and discuss ideas to write about.
2. We pick some ideas so you can start doing research and creating an outline for each.
3. You write the 1st draft.
4. We review and edit to finalize the article or Twitter thread.

The ideal candidate for this position is someone who is not only excellent at writing / blogging but also has wide knowledge in many fields including online business, digital marketing, crypto and web3.

You must also have excellent researching skills to deepen your knowledge quickly about a particular topic.

Here's some high quality samples of work that I expect from you:

.com/alpha_pls/status/Upgrade to see actual info?s=20&t=V8ddK8fOUGxEZWR1iJj4wg

.com/Route2FI/status/Upgrade to see actual infoUpgrade to see actual info

If you are very good writer but never ghostwrite before, here's what this job would look like:
Upgrade to see actual info
Upgrade to see actual info

You’ll have to
- Work with me and on your own to find dozen/hundreds of content ideas
- Do proper research on each on those ideas.
- Write interesting, well researched, threads that teaches something and push people to engage (like/retweet)
- Write daily tweets (so not researched threads) that are also engaging.
- You’ll have access to tweet hunter: a great tool to find inspiration and schedule tweets.
- I don’t want plagiarism: you can be inspired by articles, other tweets, etc but never copy them! Rewrite, add your secret sauce, but don’t copy.
- Goal is to have viral threads that can grow the account from 5k followers to 100k in 6 months.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested, please send me your Upgrade to see actual info and Facebook profile via emailUpgrade to see actual info the email, please include the following:
- Your writing Upgrade to see actual info's best if you have written about the topics I need.
- Your answer to the following questions:

1. Why are you the best candidate for this job?
2. How do you create content that sounds like it’s written like me, not you?
3. What's your experience with crypto / web3?

I expect detailed answers that both show your expertise and writing skills.

Thanks for checking out my job listing. If you're interested, please email me asap. I can't wait to start working with you.

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