Power BI Dashboard and Data Analytics Wizard and Virtual Assistant

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Aug 12, 2022


Power BI Dashboard Developer and Virtual Assistant

I am looking for a Full-Time Power BI developer with significant professional work experience in Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics and an expert with Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server.
Experience in Azure data tools - Data Factory, Databricks etc - you understand the value of data to help solve business problems.

You will also have a passion for data visualization whether it's developing models, prototypes, reports or dashboards.

Excellent written and verbal English communication skills (Required)

The first Power BI dashboard is under development and will be required to be completed immediately. Based upon the result of the completed product, additions and customizations may be required.
Additionally, other closely related dashboards will be required for development and prototype completion.

This position will require the developer's understanding of the problem and the dashboards purpose.
This position will require focused effort to see the dashboard through to rapid completion.

At times there will be work assignments that require other virtual assistant tasks including, but not limited to:
Power Point,
web design,
social media creation,

data scraping,

*Work times are flexible, though sometimes there will be necessary schedule commitments.
*You can work as much as you want. I will pay you a salary but if you work extra hours you will get paid.
*Flexible Vacation, if you need time off just let me know.
*Opportunity to advance/get bonuses based upon performance and successful launch of product

About Me:
I am an American/Australian Civil Engineer and Project Manager living in Australia working with flood affected areas. I have recently started a company, Tres Civil Pty Ltd, providing services to local governments on the East Coast of Australia. I have worked with talent staff remotely through UpWork, Odesk, Freelancer, Fiverr with success.

To Apply for the job:
1. Change the subject like to "I Want to Work for You [**Insert the name of the University I attended**] - Power BI Wizard "
2. At the top of your message write 2-3 few sentences on why you would like this position, and why you are a good fit. Do not write more than that or else your application will, unfortunately, be deleted.
3. Under that put the answers to the following questions, and include the numbers to make it easy to read.

1) Describe a Power BI project that you are most proud of - for example (but please feel free to share your most meaningful experience): what features made the user experience good, what interesting features did you introduce to the dashboard that made know you were creating a great product, etc.
2) Describe your experience fetching data from SQL Server, APIs and other files to produce complex relationships and databases for amazing Power BI dashboards.
3) Describe your past Business Intelligence employment.
4) Which part of this job are you most experienced in?
5) Do you have any other experience that will make you perfect for the job?

Do not write more than what I have asked you above, if you write more than what is asked for above I, unfortunately, will ignore your job post.

The ideal candidate will be availalbe immediate hire for a full time position.
We will be hiring very soon!

Thank you,
Henry "Hank" Spangler

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