Product Data Manager

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Nov 15, 2022


Department: Operations> Product Development
Line Manager: R&D Manager/COO

A Product Data Manager uses data and experimentation for decision-making related to product development and management. Management of data is the primary responsibility of a data PM. This takes into account the creation, storage, organization, and flow of data.

The major responsibilities and key data product manager role include:
-Using data for product development and data management
-Collecting, storing, organizing, and analyzing data
-Optimization of UX and CX based on available data
-Data-driven product development, management, and experimentation decision-making.
-Creation of UPC
-Adding the SKU in tools and database
-Ensuring all product information is available at the right place, at the right time, for the right users
-Close collaboration with Product Manager/s to ensure product data is being kept and maintained accurately.
-Regular monitoring and quality check of Product Data accuracy in systems and tools used by the organization
-Provides support on product data checkpoints for the procurement team to ensure discontinued or problematic products are not being ordered
-Manage incoming data files from staff or external stakeholders
-Provide individual accounts with access to appropriate data
-Maintain databases and perform routine maintenance as necessary
-Streamline data collection and analysis procedures to ensure fast access to metrics
-Generate and review documentation for all database changes or refinements
-Review data for inconsistencies or anomalies that could skew analytical results
-Make recommendations for software, hardware, and data storage upgrades
-Communicate with managers and staff about data changes or requirements

A Data Manager must be familiar with database design and systems, database technology, and logical data analysis. To succeed, they also need additional skills and qualifications, including:
-Advanced Excel Skills
-Ability to analyze, interpret and organize large amounts of data
-Excellent communication skills to translate complex problems using non-technical terms
-In-depth understanding of modern database and information technologies
-Excellent math, problem-solving, and analytical skills
-Excellent time management skills and the ability to work towards meeting multiple deadlines simultaneously
-Ability to compile and organize findings and data retrieved before presenting it to management
-Thorough understanding of management and data administration duties such as collection, analysis, and distribution
-Used exact or similar tools:

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