Long term Ghost Writter for books on Topics of Parenting, Relationships and Erotica.

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Jul 25, 2022


I am looking for a Ghostwriter who is experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly PASSIONATE about writing.

Topics must be under the following categories (check amazon for insights)
-Parenting and Relationships (All kinds)

1. Do you have a book that you have written or researched, and believe it's a hot good book?

2. Or do you have an idea of a good book on the above categories that you wish to write about?

I like to do things differently and I want to give you full autonomy and control on developing, creating and writing a best selling book for me for the USA amazon audience.

If you have one that is already written, then that is great news.
You will work with me or correspond with me to make sure that the book is relevant and aligning to my requirements.

Once you have an idea or a ready written book;

Send me
(i) 2 - 3 potential titles about your book topic and the category on amazon it falls under.
- Must be about the above categories.
(ii) At Least a book description or writing sample of your book
iii) In your application, please explain your personal experience within any of the above categories
iv) Must be a native English writer and have excellent English grammar and sentence structure
v) You must be the original writer, writing in an engaging style and your book must be well researched and not plagiarized.

We will pay top dollar for a good book. The budget is set for multiple projects

If the book sells well and has positive reviews on amazon, we will work together to create and write more books on topics in the above mentioned categories and you will have a chance to make more money on other books that follow.

If I do not like the book title, outline or description of your application, but feel like it is a good potential topic, we will still work together to make it a potential best selling book on amazon. If everything fails, I will pay for your time and we part ways.

This will be the first of many projects to work on. The world is hungry for creative ideas and I want to bring yours to the world through books. (if you read up to here, in your subject write Peace and Bananas).
If this is something that interests you, reach out back to me and let's work Upgrade to see actual infon’t wait to read your application

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