Appointment Setter For Hot Leads

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Jun 07, 2023


Do you love helping people get the best deals?

We do, and our passion is helping car shoppers get the best deals on their next car acquisition.


We can do this because we have previous high-level Manager or Owners of previous car dealerships who know the ins, outs, how-to's, and secrets of the car market. These people are now on our team and they provide consulting to our clients so our clients can avoid the traps that dealerships set up for consumers to overpay for cars. Our time, energy, expertise and connections in the industry give us the ability to provide so much value to a car shopper, that we get 100s of clients every month.


We are looking for high-energy individuals with student mentalities who are also self-starters. Most of all, we are looking for people who can work in a team environment and always ponder about what is the best process and plan of action for the team. This is a full-time position.


We have a rock solid sales system that constantly turns leads into appointments and appointments into Upgrade to see actual info does take an intelligent human to execute our systems so we need someone like you who is willing to learn and execute.

Your main objective will be the first part of our sales system which is turning leads into appointments. We have hot fresh leads filling out forms on our website and calling into our 800 number every single day. Your job is to contact all of these fresh leads within 5 minutes and qualify them for our service. We do have a set of qualifying questions that every potential client must pass before they potentially move forward with our service. If they pass our set of qualifying questions, your job will be to set an appointment for a sales executive to consult with them and enroll them into our service.

You will get very good at qualifying these leads, just as good as you will be at disqualifying these Upgrade to see actual infot every person/situation is a good fit for our service and it will be your job to assess the person's situation to know if they are qualified or disqualified.

We are long term thinkers in this space. With that being said, just because someone is not qualified today does not mean that they will not be qualified in the future.

All of our leads are stored in our database. Utilizing this database will be key in helping you:

1. Follow up with leads that you already communicated with but did not fully qualify
2. Follow up with leads that you fully qualified but did not set an appointment with yet
3. Follow up with leads that set an appointment but did not attend their appointment
4. Follow up with leads that you disqualified but could be qualified in the future
5. Follow up with leads that told you they aren't ready now but will be ready in a couple of months

Therefore maximizing your appointments set and helping you become ultra successful.


If you would like to apply, please respond with these items. We will not entertain incomplete requirements.

1. Please take this personality test. You will be a key part of my team and we will work together on a daily basis. I need to know if our personalities are a good fit. After you have taken it, please send me the LINK (the URL, the web address) to your results.

Upgrade to see actual info/free-personality-test

2. Please include a video to introduce yourself. I understand you may be shy, but the purpose of the video is to show that you can break through barriers and continue to grow outside of your comfort zone.

3. Please include your cover letter and/or resume. Explain your understanding and experience with marketing funnels. Also, break down your experience as much as possible by the platforms and strategies you've used.

4. Record a video of your skills. (ex. sales CRM and sales funnel numbers, call recordings, dialers, etc.)

Looking forward to your application and welcoming you to the team!

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