Google/YouTube Ad Expert Wanted! (Singapore Company)

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Full Time


$500 - $2000




Jun 30, 2022


We are looking for a Youtube Ad Expert to join our team to manage, optimize and buy media from Google, video scripts and landing pages.

If you’re familiar with managing high spending ad budgets.. we’d like to meet you.

Ultimately, you’ll be required to get the best return on investment from the creatives that you have on the required budget


Watch our video here: Upgrade to see actual info/Upgrade to see actual infoWe are a Singapore company, main marketing partner lots of well-known speakers and trainers

Just like our speakers, we focus a lot on the growth of our team, especially in marketing

To date, we have hired many talented individuals in the Philippines

We are now looking to add one Digital Marketer to our ever-expanding high-performing team.

If you identify yourself as a high-performer, read on.


You'll get to be exposed to different personal development programs be it in health, wealth and relationships and rub elbows with renowned Asian speakers & trainers.

We are poised for explosive growth so you get to be a part of that!


We always believe in personal development and the constant growth of individuals

So we serve a much bigger cause than ourselves

The work you get to do, if marketed precisely, will give hope to people facing challenges and will impact thousands of lives.

If you believe in doing impact work more so than a "livelihood" work, then you are the person we're looking for.

Because our team strive for growth, both in ourselves and the people we touch.


We're looking for someone that is interested in psychology and what makes people tick

Someone who is innately curious about everything, especially what motivates us

He/she has fundamental writing skills

A degree is not necessary

Even if you have no prior knowledge in marketing, but have the burning desire to grow

Then we will provide you with the necessary training to be a superstar


What we're looking for is the right attitude

An attitude to be
-constantly learning
-able to adapt quickly to challenges
-pro-active in making swift and calculated decisions

Integrity is a must.

We all believe in doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

And more importantly, to do whatever it takes to get the job done


You must be able to commit full-time.

And you must be interested in marketing, a bonus if you are experienced in the seminar industry.

You must be able to put in long hours researching and documenting ad materials and data points


Ad Maintenance
* Creation of ads with copy given to launch on Youtube
* Monitoring of ads and making sure there is no overspend
* Scaling up of the budget if results is ideal

Account Hygiene
* Appealing for disapproved campaigns and getting them back up and running
* Making sure all the campaigns are running smoothly with no hiccups(potential ad bans in between)
* Chatting with the Ad reps to maintain healthy relationship

Testing & Experimenting
* Massive testing of new strategies and tactics to always be ahead of others
* Create SOPs for testing or ways to maintain proper account health
* Searching and researching for new strategies and tactics we can implement

Collaborations/working with others
* Working with the team on a personal level, brainstorming ideas and coming up with campaigns
* Working with teams from another brand/organization
* Writing to express interest in collaboration with brands.

BONUS!: Training/Mentorship provided to excel your skill level further in the following

- Digital marketing
- Copywriting
- Data analysis
- Software Proficiency
- Paid Ad Platform Proficiency(Facebook/Instagram/Google/Youtube)
- Design Sense


- Good communication skills(English!)
- Technical Proficiency with softwares
- Fast Internet connection
- Experience with working remotely


Before you apply, take this simple 5 step test to find if this role is suitable for you or not.

1) Check out the work we do on our client's pages

Check out our clients' landing pages

Upgrade to see actual info/masterclass1
Upgrade to see actual info/masterclass
Upgrade to see actual info/web

If you don't see yourself marketing for these speakers - don't apply

2) Head to Amazon’s website and search “Books : Business & Money”, “ Small Business & Entrepreneurship”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Personal Finance”, “Digital Marketing”

If you like the book titles you see - and you are excited to read those books and write about those ideas. This role may be suitable for you.

3) Ask yourself, “Do I see myself running monitoring 6- figure worth of ads that sell for the next 3 years?” If the answer is no, don’t apply.

4) Ask yourself, “Do I see myself with a team that pushes me to be uncomfortable constantly so that I can grow” If the answer is no, don’t apply.

5) Ask yourself, “Do I see myself working full-time; and extra hours not because I have to, but because I want to, it doesn't feel like work” If the answer is no, don’t apply.

[IF YOU DUpgrade to see actual info THAT YOU’VE PASSED THE 5 STEP TEST ABOVE]

Follow my instructions carefully and do all 4 steps below.

1.Include your Portfolio and Resume
2.Include your LinkedIn Profile [if there is no LinkedIn account... Facebook works]
3.Title your email: "I Am Your Google Ad Expert - Your Name"
4.Send the following to Upgrade to see actual info

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