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Jun 13, 2022



We are looking to hire a video packaging editor for a new social media service we are about to release. We will be offering social media services to our clients that will require some video packaging.

- What is video packaging, you might ask?

- Good question! A video packaging editor is responsible of adding a frame, a progress bar, brand colour and logo of the clients and making sure that there are no typos in the captions on the provided clips.

- Oh cool (you'd say), that sounds like fun!

- Absolutely! And you know what's the best thing about this position?

- No what? (you'd ask eagerly to know more....)

- You have templates that have been created for you to use on the social video platform we are using. The platform is called uruy.kq and allows you to use, save and easily create new templates.
(Now, if you have been paying close attention, your next question would be...) - Ok, how many videos do I have to package per client?

- Great question! Our main offer is for 15 clips per clients. Each of the clips have to be formatted into two format: 9:16 and 4:5. As we mentioned before, we have templated for both txknnxp. Xn short, you have a total of 30 clips to package. We have to make sure that we do not use the same templates for all clips.

- Wow, that sound like a lot of work...

- Yes, but the content is extremely interesting and rewarding as you'll be watching coaches and experts sharing tips and tricks on how to become better entrepreneur and coaches.
(Then we would insist on a few technical thing)

- You need to have a fast Internet connection and a quick turn around. There's a whole team implicated in this project and everyone has to be efficient at their job for this to work. A copy editor will be providing a main title that appears at the top of each of the 15 clips. An assistant will be creating some graphic quotes with Canva with brand colour of the client.

- That sounds like so much fun! I'm in! What do I have to do next!

Essentials things to remember:
- Quick turn around: 24-48 hours
- Fast Internet connection
- Very good English skills
- Creative!

If you are interested by this position, please reply to this post and please provide:
1. Internet speed screen capture
2. On your reply, use the subject line "Yellow Panda"
3. Record a short clip to present yourself and why you believe you'd be a great candidate for this position!

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