Project Management and Customer Care Representative / Virtual Assistant

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Full Time


30,000 PHP




Jul 26, 2022


Project Management / Program Manager Support

Excellent English written and verbal skills required.

Work responsibilities:
The primary role is to support the program managers with administrative and process fulfillment activities related to client programs. Responsibilities include editing pre-written templates with the unique specifics of the client contract, tracking program progress, compiling feedback into a professionally formatted and organized report, working with our various portals to communicate with the team virtually, proposal drafting (based on templates and instructions), file management, social media management, assessment administration, and tracking and contractor onboarding support.

The ideal candidate can work with minimal supervision but produces quality work products on time and with a sense of urgency.

Work tools:
Basecamp, HighriseHQ, Upgrade to see actual info (Project Management app), Upgrade to see actual info (client portal), Typedesk, MS Office, Google Docs/Drive, Quickbooks, Roboform, Zapier, Social Media Platforms, Trackabi remote worker time/activity tracking,

Experience Requested:
Project management, client relations, process improvement, setting up new software systems/applications, SOP - building/managing,

Critical thinking, analytical thinking, attention to detail, problem-solving, adaptability, quick learner, comfortable troubleshooting and figuring things out, self-initiative, adaptable, very organized, customer service skills, empathy, flexibility, comfortable with ambiguity, not afraid to speak up and share ideas for improvement, is comfortable with feedback.

Hours are USA Central time - Monday to Friday, Tuesday through Saturday, 30+ hours weekly minimum (with some flexibility to ensure quality time with family). Typically: 11 AM - 4 PM Central USA Time

Benefits of Working with us:
- Fair compensation. Paid holidays (after probationary period).
- Overtime is always available but optional and pays time and a half.
- We have a great work environment and team. We like to laugh and enjoy each other.
- The company is growing, and most of our teaUpgrade to see actual infombers have been with us for many years.
- TeaUpgrade to see actual infombers are always willing to partner and help our new employees understand their roles and how to do a great Upgrade to see actual info addition, we have plenty of documentation and support for doing well in the position, especially when the candidate is willing to ask questions and be proactive.

What we do:
We are a coaching, training, learning, and development company. We have both full-service coaching and training products and ai-enabled digital coaching technology. We are seeking full-time executive and virtual assistants (two positions open at this time.)

Reasons an applicant may not be a good fit:
- slow to respond
- behaviors do not match their words: We believe how someone does anything is how they do everything. Thus, small actions like being late, forgetting about an appointment, etc., are not a fit for our company. We are people of our word and seek to work with others of similar values.
- has a slow computer, slow internet, poor internet reliability
- poor English
- lacks drive or a sense of urgency; takes double the time to complete something than their peers (after the initial training period, of course)
- prefers to work from a checklist on everything and is uncomfortable with ambiguity and problem-solving

Project Management
Other Project Management
Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Admin Assistant
Editing Proofreading
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