All-Star Marketing Assistant

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Full Time


25,000 - 32,000php




Jun 24, 2022


Go-Getter, All-Star Marketing Assistant

This is a dream role designed for someone who is a clear communicator, a go-getter, and believes there is more to life than getting a job at a mega-corporation and counting the days until retirement (or layoffs…)
Dear All-Star Marketing Assistant

-Are you ready to keep growing as a person, but don’t want to be a cog in a wheel at a large company?
-Enjoy getting things done, but don’t want to be at work for 60 hours a week while family and friends take a back seat.
-Do you want to be a part of a team that enjoys each other’s company and is excited to help our customers?

If you want to grow, be challenged, and really use your skill-sets to achieve a group goal, then this role is for you.

But before I tell you more about this opportunity, here’s a little information about Simply Earth...

At Simply Earth, we know people are wasting money on overpriced essential oils they don't know how to use. So, we started Simply Earth to help over 1,000,000 people learn how to use essential oils by 2025 so they enjoy a toxin-free life.

Truth: Pure essential oils don’t have to be expensive.
Sad Reality: People are buying overpriced essential oils and they are sitting on their shelves because they don’t know how to use them.
Opportunity: You can help more people learn that they can get 100% pure oils to make their lives better without overpaying.

What Success Looks Like
Supporting our Product Owners to teach and sell more irresistable products
Provide feedback to the marketing team driving success for your product lines

Qualities We’re Looking For:
Humble: The results aren’t dependent on us. We simply use the gifts we have been given to serve others. [Coachable]
Go-Getter: We're a small business that needs resourceful employees willing to problem solve to create solutions to serve our customers and teammates.
Clear Communicator: We create content that is practical, simple, and very easy to understand for customers. We guide our teammates with best practices, so our company is always getting better.

Actions You Take Each Day
Get work done

-Assist our product owners with a variety of Marketing Assistant related tasks
-Think critically about how we can improve the irresistibility and sellability of our products
-Blog support
-Product sales pages support
-Project management support

-Knowledge of E-commerce marketing strategies and tools
-Project Management experience
-Virtual assistant experience

How To Apply
No exceptions - in order to apply, please provide the following
1) Record a video of yourself - in a 40sec- 1min video introduce yourself and tell us why you are the best fit for this position?
2) Fill out this form. You can link your cover letter and resume at the end of the questions. qmnxe://ltvio.rcj/EHqI8KIlZFIUtYt45
3) Send this to our email at swel@rjpciwdcgee.ipb with the subject line Gen Product Marketing Assistant: Full Name

At Simply Earth, when people have confidence in how to use essential oils, that confidence allows them to joyfully create a toxin-free life.
We hope this position helps more people gain that confidence.

Project Management
Marketing Project Management
Sales and Marketing
Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
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