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Jan 18, 2011


We are a an established voice-over talent agency and post production recording studio in the Hollywood entertainment industry working with television producers, advertising agencies and film companies. We work with hundreds of LA actors, doing TV and radio commercials, casting and recording video games and short films at our recording studios, producing cable TV shows about jobs and careers and writing books and articles about our work. We have a small staff of engineers and casting agents and are well-known in Los Angeles and have a strong presence on AOL.

My wife and I are creative people looking for a fulltime assistant who is smart, reliable, honest and skilled. It’s IMPORTANT THAT YOU SPEAK AND WRITE ENGLISH WELL, as we will want to be in regular touch by Skype and we’ll have ideas and plans to discuss by email. We will work with you closely but need you to be independent and professional. You won’t need to talk to customers, but you WILL need to write to them and follow up on email promotions.

Ideally, YOU HAVE SKILLS AS A WEBMASTER, BRAND MANAGER, SEO AND TECH CONSULTANT. Perhaps you have some design experience, and can help bring simple website ideas to life. You can create a database and maintain a spreadsheet. You're good at updating information and can work with audio recordings on our websites.

And YOU ARE ESPECIALLY GOOD AT SOCIAL NETWORKING. We need you to help us reach a much wider audience and increase our business opportunities. We’ll be doing this by creating blogs, articles, advertisements and promotions. Then we’ll rely on YOU to get them out into the world.

You’ll work on SEO, blog posts, twitter, foursquare, iTunes, newsletter databases and will help build a database of all the new contacts, fans and email addresses as we go.

You’re a creative thinker who we can talk to about planning campaigns and devising ways reaching many new customers and fans. A good worker we can rely on to keep emails and posts going out and to forward inquiries from new customers to us. Get the picture? You’ll be special and someone we will spend time teaching and working with. But you need to bring some strong skills to start! If you’re good at your work, there will be some very cool things to do.

Please write a brief note about your experience and send your resume. Tell us something about yourself. What are your strongest skills? What kind of work do you like the best? What success have you had with other employers. And why do you think you’d be a good fit for this job?

PLEASE BE SURE to state your salary range and thanks very much – we look forward to hearing from you!

James and Lisa

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