Great Video editor to earn $400-$800+ USD/month

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Sep 24, 2020


Video editor wanted - $400+ USD/month

This is a great opportunity for a STUD video editors to earn some good, regular money.
(I will perhaps be hiring more than 1 editor) with potentials raises and bonuses.

My name is Tony Jeffries, former Olympic boxer, and now I create boxing education content for Instgram and YouTube.

may be difficult at first to edit my videos, depending on your level of skill and experience, but it will get easier as you begin to familiarize yourself with the layouts and style.

How this will work, (I’m going to show you the hardest task because if you can't do this, it won't work)

I will send you a raw version of a video like this.

You will send me it back edited in 3 versions.

This is a “ Video Bundle”.

You will edit the video in 3 versions.

Version 1 is a full video, Youtube format.

Version 2 is the full video in IGTV format (4:5)

Version 3 is a 15 sec IG format (4:5) to promote the video on youtube.

You will send it back like this:

Please watch the videos and observe the quality of the work. If you cannot do it as good as this or BETTER, please do not apply for this job.

I will pay $10 for each “Video bundle” (3 versions of the 1 video)

This will be the hardest task..

Among your tasks, there will also be “easier tasks”. When you will edit videos like this:

And will still get $10/video (which is only 1 version, no animation, words on a screen or anything fancy.)

I actually have around 40-50 of these easy-style videos ready to be edited right now.

You will get at least 10 projects per week @ $10/project whether it be a “Video Bundle” or “easier task”.

Which will be:
$100 USD/week
$400 USD/month

There maybe even be more projects available if you can handle the work load up to 20-30 a week

The person applying must:

Be able to make the videos as good, if not better, than the samples
Have great communication with team (we use WhatsApp & Trello)
Be creative in their work
Be fast in their work
Take pride in their work

To apply for the Job:

I want you to do this PAID TASK! (I will pay $10/via PayPal)

Edit this video into a “Video Bundle”

Send the edited video to my email with the subject line - YOUR VIDEO BUNDLE IS HERE

Thank you.

Tony Jeffries.

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