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Full Time






Jul 10, 2020


We are looking for a social media coordinator and manager. You will be doing a variety of tasks, almost all of which I will create tutorials for you. Some tasks will include general virtual assistant tasks.

But more than just a manager, we are looking for a PARTNER. I need someone trust worthy, competent, and reliable. We are looking for someone to grow with our team and as we become more successful, you too will get a higher pay.

Your Top Tasks:

IG – Following our strategies and system step by step
o Taking our written content, editing (making sure it’s proper English and it makes sense) and creating graphics or send them to graphics designer
o Upload all graphics and posts into folders in dropbox
o Posting on feed
o Hashtag research
o Posting on stories
o Engaging for 30 minutes after post
o Finding accounts where our ideal clients are hanging out and commenting
o Engaging with those clients (liking, commenting, hearting specific accounts)

o Posting on Facebook business page
o Sharing that on personal page
o Engage for 30 minutes after post

o Post
o Engage for 30 minutes after post
o YouTube
o Following our system with a Workflow Spreadsheet
o Keyword research
o Tags research
o Uploading to YouTube and SEO
o Writing engaging comments
o Following our strategies and system step by step

o Repurposing our content – Transcriptions from YouTube Videos and converting them into graphics and blog posts

o Organize the staggering of our posts

o Graphics Designer – Would be a huge asset if you know how to create beautiful and professional looking designs on Kbfyl.glq (or any software)

o There will be a 3 months probation period from the time you start

Pay: TBD, this will depend on your competency and level of skill and other people that apply to the job.

*You can work whenever you want. You will not have to wake up or work at any given time
*Flexible Vacation, if you need time off just let me know
*Opportunity to advance/get bonuses, if you do a good job I will give you a raise, bonuses, and if the right fit, let you lead our team of future assistants

About Me:
I run the LiveInnerCity Real Estate Team in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have worked with Virtual Assistants before and I’m now looking for a full time assistant. We are not just looking for an assistant, but a partner we can depend on. We hope this person stays with us for the long term and as we grow the team, you will be given more responsibilities and a larger nnq. Iveking someone who is loyal, coachable, and dedicated to our success just as much as you are to yours. If you are into self development and looking to continually grow, then you are already good in our books.

Our goal is to have a team of assistants in the future with one of you leading the team of assistants.

IG: LiveInnerCity
YouTube: Awefjfr.odm/LiveInnerCity
Web: RpqfDhlukYlqw.fbo

To Apply for the job:
1. Change the subject like to "I Want to Work for You [Insert the name of my partner who does YouTube videos with me (vutzupu.svw/liveinnercity)] - Social Media VA"

2. At the top of your message write a minimum of 2-3 few sentences (but no more than 2 paragraphs) on why you would like this position, and why you are a good fit. Please do not write more than that or else your application will be deleted.

3. Under that put the following and include the numbers to make it easy for me to read.

1. An article you wrote.

2. Your Instagram Profile if you have one

3. Come up with a description of this photo from my instagram

4. Your expected pay

Make sure to follow all the steps above. This is a great job opportunity with the ability to get bonuses and raises, so I will only look at applicants that really want the job. If I decide to interview you there will be a short skype call between us and video will be required

Do not write more than what I have asked you above, if you write more than what is asked for above your job post will be ignored.

Thank you,

Felix Chan

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Social Media Marketing
Customer Service & Admin Support
Social Media Moderation
Graphics & Multimedia
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