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Full Time


$400 USD (PHP ~20,000/mo) -Negotiable-




Jun 05, 2020


The Content Writer will oversee all the content production in our agency, including the following responsibilities:

- Content Strategy: Develop content plans for websites, blogs and social accounts based on the SEO strategy
- Writing: Write content in flawless U.S. English - proofread, edited and 100% unique/plagiarism-free
- SEO: Optimize writing with basic SEO (ex. keywords in content, headings, title tag etc.). If on-page analysis is done, then you need to be able to edit the content to reflect the SEO recommendations.
- Research: Research various topics in order to write intelligently on them. Most topics will be in the home improvement industry and, occasionally, in other areas (health, travel, weddings etc.)
- Posting: Schedule social media posts (often with images) using various scheduling tools
- Coordination: Work with other team members to produce content as needed for various marketing efforts and website builds

READ THIS: To be crystal clear, we are not looking for a writer whose work needs to be edited again. The writing needs to read like a native-speaking American wrote it (although you don't have to be American). You are the last line of defense and will BE the final editor. If your work consistently contains grammatical errors, misspellings, lack of solid SEO, awkward phrases that don't read well or improper use of American expressions, you are NOT a fit and please do NOT apply.

- Flawless US English writing and speaking
- Excellent topic research skills to quickly and efficiently learn about an industry in order to write on that subject matter
- Able to independently come up with website content structure (pages needed) based on keyword list
- Able to independently come up with article/blog post titles both for blogs managed by us and for guest post articles
- At least a couple hours of availability each week during 9-5 Central US Time hours, for meetings and coordination
- Solid understanding of SEO, content optimization and LSI keywords - able to effectively write optimized headings, meta title, meta description and content
- Team player; must be able to work directly with other team members
- Willingness to use Asana, our Project Management software

There will be a paid TRIAL period during which your work will be evaluated for quality assurance and training will be conducted on each aspect of this role. The position will start with just one or two responsibilities and, when quality is confirmed, more activities will be added.

When applying, tell me:
- who was the 21st President of the United States?
- what types of writing do you specialize in?
- what categories of writing are you most comfortable with (ex. health, beauty, home, travel etc.)?
- why would you be a great candidate for this position?
- how many hours per week you can dedicate to this position
- how long does it typically take you to write 500 words, including research time

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