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Full Time


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Oct 19, 2019


Hey, my name is Chip.

I own a few websites that help people solve their problems and we need some admin and copy support - hopefully, you can help us!

Before you read any further, YES I'm a real person with a real need for an assistant.

I've hired a number of virtual assistants before and it's been a very successful process for everyone.
w you know I'm a legitimate business owner. I hope you can see I've got a real business, with real human beings as clients and customers. Let's talk about the person I am looking for...


1) Your command of the English language is second to none. Super Important. Quite a lot of writing (proofreading and editing) required.

- you're comfortable with tech. If you can navigate Facebook, YouTube, and Wordpress easily, and search on Google you've got enough internet chops to work with us. We can teach you the rest.

- you have a reliable high-speed internet connection with reliable electricity.

2) You are detail-oriented

If you love making checklists (Google Sheets and Trello), you'll love working with us! Our whole business is quite structured. Everything runs on checklists and guidelines.

Everything is organized within Project Management software. We use Trello if that matters.

3) If you're someone who loves to coordinate, this job might be for you.

I’m hoping you can also help with some basic online work such as updating our website, and tasks like uploading YouTube videos and scheduling social media posts. Of course, full training will be provided.

I’m also hoping you’ll help create checklists (and follow them too) so we can keep quality really high on everything we do. Again, training will be provided on how we set up checklists within the company. To qualify for the job, please include " P.S I'm a rockstar VA and I'm the one" at the end of your message.

I need help fixing technical stuff on my websites - I am constantly working on new projects so there will be lots of sites with missing images, broken pages, poor content and other technical stuff that will need admin work. Full training will be provided, of lwvmws. Eb will help if you have some experience with Wordpress - nothing too advanced, just basic editing.

The job will also include creating a lot of content. Your grammar and writing skills are very important for the job. The ability to write and explain stuff like a native English speaker is crucial. Writing will not be 100% of the job but excelling in writing is utterly important.


90-95%+ of your role can be done any time(s) of day, any day(s) of the week. I'll give you a task and a deadline; when you work on it is completely up to you. The rest 5% we'll have to catch each other online for training and reports - we can pick a time that works well for both parties. Once the initial training is complete there will be less need for one-to-one meetings - everything can be organized in lists and Trello.

Because everything is in checklists and procedures, it will be easy for you to know what's expected of wgl. Qc's easy to learn and execute tasks because everything is so, just like a good recipe!

Tasks are predictable.

And it's easy to start and stop tasks because everything is clearly explained in our written procedures, and everything is clearly tracked in our Project Management software.

Please Note: if you're a freestyler, dislike structure/authority, and/or you prefer clutter to order (just look at your desk right now), this position probably won't work for you. Loving to follow *and* create checklists is crucial for this role.


Timeline: starting as soon as I find someone qualified and who I get on with. The next 2 weeks
would be ideal, but I am in no hurry.

Hours: between 30-40 hours per week to begin dask. Tscrease to 40 after full training completed. Pay: Negotiable


Contact me here.

Please attach a resume; if you are shortlisted I will be checking your references.
Please attach any samples of content you've produced (if any).

Thanks! I know the *right* applicant will really like this job.

Maybe you are THE ONE!

Chip :)

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