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Part Time


$2.25 per hour starting




Aug 13, 2019


Hi We are looking for a self confident and self motivating person. You must be able to work independent but also have understanding of whats needed and be able to drive results. You will begin by helping us create the perfect system and forms to ensure the on boarding process is repeatable and simple. This is a growing company and we really want someone with experience.

Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. Eventually you may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training but for now we are focused on hiring and creating the perfect system. You will be required to email, make phone calls, post jobs, manage job candidates, manage systems, review resumes, hold phone interviews, sometimes Skype interviews, help better the system, organize employee data, organize employee forms etc. You’ll review incoming resumes and applications, and conduct a phone interview to determine whether the applicants are qualified enough to merit the employee time invested in an onsite interview.

Formulation of recruitment standards
- Recruitment of human resources
- Communication with local human resources
- Establishment of evaluation system
- Formulation of remuneration system
- Formulation of pay raise system
- Create an operation manual for acceptance after joining the company
Making rules for attendance
In the subject line put Got it
- Enhancement of welfare programs for local residents
- Maintenance around insurance such as social security

We are a USA based company looking for someone in the Philippines to join our HR team

Work would include all but not exclusive to:

1. Looking and seeking the best matches in the for our company's needs using job boards like indeed, criagslist, zip recruiter etc
2. Vetting each potential employee thoroughly using our vetting process that you will set up
3. Conducting both written and verbal interviews with potential employees
4. Figuring out how to narrow down a large group of applicants and hiring only the best ones.

1. Must have previous experience working in HR teams and departments.
2. Must be able to Speak and Write English FLUENTLY with minimal accent.
3. Must be responsible and fully committed to the job
4. Must have a good and positive attitude. Be good natured without any negativity or bad attitude.
5. Must be willing to with a team member.
6. Must have a high level of intellect and comprehension.
7. Must be willing to work during EST time zone. 9am-1pm
8.Good internet connection.
9. long term placement

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Human Resource Management
Technical Writing
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