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Oct 08, 2019


Highly Motivated Customer Care Junior required for our growing team!

We are looking for a new Customer Care Junior to join our growing company.

We are a digital publishing company producing Personal Development products on Clickbank. Our main customers are based in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our daily volumes are around 300 tickets+ a day led by an amazing customer care lead.

This position reports into the customer care lead and joins a highly motivated team of A-players that is dedicated to bringing 'wow' to each and every customer we interact with.

We are looking for highly qualified candidates who possess the experience and characteristics below.

(REQUIRED) You have won awards, recognized as a top performer or acknowledged in some way in previous organizations.

1. You must LOVE customer service and helping others with patience.
2. You are a natural problem solver and are highly resourceful.
3. You have been officially trained in customer support and have real-life applicable support experience.
4. You have worked with systems, processes, and reports online. You can adapt quickly and provide support in the midst of chaos.
5. (Recommended) You have worked with digital publishers or online companies in the past and understand the operations of a start-up.
6. You are very fast, have a sense of urgency and are self-reliant. You have consistently outperformed your peers in previous customer support roles.
7. You are an open minded, confident team member and can improve customer support operations in any company.
8. Your business level English is high and you can craft personalized emails to customers and resolve issues.

Job Description:
- Shift from Monday to Sundays: Totalling hours 40 hours a week
- Customer Support via Email and Phone
- Creating Documentations and Process for Customer Support.
- Assisting the Customer Care lead in creating systems for support excellence and continuous improvements.

Our Principles & Core Value (Do you resonate with these core values?)
*Customer Experience - What is best for the customer is what’s best for everyone else. Everything is about the customer experience. Deliver results or make them feel good. Always strive to do both.
*Laser-Focused - Keep the main thing the main thing, eliminate all distractions.
*Longest-Term Sustainable Success - Make longer-term sacrifices for longest-term sustainable success.
*Lean & Frugal - Optimize. Quality > Quantity. Stay Lean and Frugal always. Don't waste time, energy or money. (constraints breed resourcefulness)
*Numbers & Science - First principles thinking, use data and always iterate. Decisions to be made from numbers, patterns and statistics.
*Go All-In - Commit fully, work hard, take initiative, set targets and achieve them.
*Question Everything - Conventional Wisdom is almost always wrong. Question everything and find the truth.
*Full Transparency - Brutal honesty and feedback. No hidden agendas or politics. Full transparency for all.
*Impossible Is Always Possible - Impossible always becomes possible in time. Take small steps towards the impossible.
*Win/Win or Lose/Lose - Don't harm others. Help win for others. In return, others will help you.
*Energy is our asset - Focus your energy to the things that matter only. Never sap other people's energy.
*“Good Enough” is worse than bad - We strive to be the greatest. Never say “Good Enough”.

This will be a permanent position but there will be a 1 month part-time trial period to see if you are a good fit within the firm.

If you believe you are the perfect fit this job please submit your details below with the words "I am your A-player" in the subject and highlight your previous awards, recognition and or acknowledgment of excellence.

nd email to:
1. mmagicjv@gmail.com
2. johncho19+qotqhairer2jhiaejjjl@boards.trello.com


Awards/Recognitions/Acknowledgments to highlight:
What you enjoy doing:
What you dislike (in terms of work):
Social Media or Personal Profile:
Blog URL (if any):
Core Skillsets:
Supplementary Skillsets:

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