Data Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

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Aug 20, 2019


Media Management Association promotes businesses, brands and its products or services over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales. MMA uses a range of marketing tactics and strategies – including content, email, search, paid media, and more.
MMA is in need of a team member that will be responsible for analyzing the enormous amount of data we collect daily from our clients. This data must be used in reports for various company division heads to ensure an optimal consumer experience.

This new position in our company of Data Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization specialist will be a critical role in guaranteeing the highest global impact for clients’ brands. Since this person will be working to identify trends and decode patterns in every area of the company, they must be an excellent communicator with strong deductive and illustrative skills, being able to present data and findings in an easily digestible format.

They will help direct all company decisions in a real-time fashion allowing for data-driven decisions that benefit all. This role requires strong Excel proficiency and a fundamental understanding of Google Analytics, combined with an ability to distill data into simple, quality reports.

The successful candidate will be a proactive, detail-oriented, hyper-vigilant team player responsible for monitoring stats and creating reports that lead the key decision makers in the organization to make swift and accurate decisions in real time.

Create and review analytics reporting daily for each client
Generate high-level, quality reports for multiple users on an ongoing basis
Looking at reports daily, analyzing and making suggestions for optimization of funnels and consumer journeys
Review LTVs and cohort reports
Running multiple tests within various parts of the website and making recommendations and reports based on ongoing tests
Working with existing staff to schedule and prioritize above tests
Attend educational workshops, events to optimize our CRO efforts

Firm understanding of Excel, Numbers and Pages to generate reports
Familiarity with Google Analytics
Strong affinity for data analytics
Ability to understand and interpret data
Fundamental understanding of html
Marketing background preferred
Psychological training is preferred
Familiarity with Asana and project management background preferred
Able to use Wysiwyg editors
Self-motivated and proactive
Excellent communication skills
Strong Math skills (simple Algebra is max requirement)
Love failing fast! (it’s a huge part of CRO)
Desire and hunger to learn and be the best

Please include the following in your application:

1. If you needed to learn which was better, A/A/B or Taguchi testing, how would you go about finding the answer?
2. When you want to buy something, the most important step is: Research a lot, check reviews, or go with your gut.
3. When starting a job with a new company, how would you prefer to takeover a position? Re-systematizing tasks and schedules to be better suited to your work patterns, Stick with the same system that has been used in the past and follow the current schedule, integrate what has worked in the past with any new ideas you have.
4. How do you keep your technology skills current?
5. If you spotted a mistake in a report that you’ve already presented to a client but the account executive wasn’t available, what would you do?

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