Looking for an Engaging Copywriter *** Must have Extensive Experience writing!

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Jul 20, 2019



This is different from any other job post that you see rbjz. Kx is unique and has an excellent opportunity for growth and potential to make lots of money. We’re looking to develop future leaders that would be equipped with responsibilities. We’re going to invest considerable amount of our time and resources into your education and we will walk alongside you as much as it takes to ensure your professional success. Have a look at this job description in orhbrc. Vm might be the last job you’ll need to search for! It is both Long-term and stable with tons of growth potential!

This Position is for a Copy Writer (no prior knowledge is expected, but is a bonus. Full training and support to be provided):

--Content Writer
--Product Research

Salary:$054-376 per month depending on the experience. This is just the starting point, there will be opportunities for raises!

Type of Employment: Full Time & Long Term

Trial Period: Before the full employment, there will be a two-week probation period (trial) during which we will figure whether we like each other and if we can work together. We will pay $100 for each week during that period. If by the end of the trial, both parties feel like it is a good fit and match, then full-time employment will be offered.

erview Process:
1) Submit your application
2) Successful applicants will be contacted and scheduled a Skype Interview with. This is just to get to know each other better and to ask any questions that both parties might have.

-40 hours/week
-We’re based in Western Canada PST time zone. There is a chance we would be able to provide you with flexible hours
-Ability to work 2-3 hours on the weekend

Absolutely MUST have Requirements:
-Excellent verbal and written English
-Good and reliable internet connection
-Good and reliable laptop or PC
-NO OTHER Jobs, Commitments or Employments (this will require your full commitment)?
-Full Honesty and Transparency
-Education in English, Communications, Journalism, Professional Writing or equivalent education.
-Two years directly relevant work experience
-Demonstrated ability to generate original concepts and ideas, given strategic direction
-Portfolio which demonstrates talent and ability
-Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; ability to work as part of a team
Demonstrated ability to take direction from several individuals, and adapt to a constantly changing, fast-paced environment
-Intermediate level of computer literacy including Microsoft Word. Possesses fast and accurate keyboard skills

Nice to Have (but not required at all):
-Experience is a mandatory
-Experience with copy writing with consumer products
-Skill with Excel and accounting/finance knowledge
-Interest in analytics, data, and numbers

Personality traits:
-Self-starter/ Independent
-Highly organized
-Punctual and responsible
-Hunger for growth, optimization and excellence
-Excellent communication skills


1. Web Content Writing

Develops and writes copy for product reviews, and other communications/advertising materials produced
• Strategic thinker who enjoys thinking outside the box
• You are a problem solver and create “win-win” solutions
• Has a high level of energy and a “get it done” mentality
• You are naturally driven to improve and drive efficiencies
• You have a strong willingness to learn
• Is competitive by nature

As a Content Writer, you will perform the following duties:
• Determines what research if any, is necessary to achieve the final written product.
• Researches and verifies information for topics and issues, using credible sources
• Actively research and develop new sources of content
• Generate head-to-head comparisons on competitor content
• Writes in a clear, concise style suitable for marketing materials or product information

2. Product Research

As a Product Researcher, you will research potential product adds to product line while working closely with the New Products Team, Marketing, and Sales. This will include performing market research, providing internal training on products, and fielding product questions from the sales team.

sential Functions:

• Research and evaluate potential product adds to product line.
• Identify what is considered a good product and the opportunity behind it
• Work with the New Products Team throughout the process.
• Help identify areas in our various markets where we are lacking product offerings.
• Interact with the sales team and customers needs online
• Assist with the development of marketing materials to introduce and advertise products.
• All other duties as assigned.

Other Details (MUST READ):

This is not a regular job post for you just to make some money and for me getting a “virtual assistant”. This is very different. I am not looking for just “another VA”, I am looking for somebody who always strives for excellence, pushes for more, and never settles for mediocrity. I am looking for a reliable teammate to build the last and long-term relationship with, and to grow and make money together. I am looking for someone that can step into bigger shoes, try new things and assume meaningful responsibilities! This is a CAREER OPPORTUNITY, there will be many opportunities for growth, for a salary increase and bonuses! I truly believe in integrity and fairness, so I always will be more than happy to reward great and outstanding work. Though you will start with just a few responsibilities and lower pay, later on, it will ultimately be up to you to decide whether you want to widen your set of responsibilities and increase the pay accordingly!

I recognize nothing but excellence. Please DO NOT apply for this job post if you are okay with average, and want to “coast”. I expect your full effort in anything, whether it is just sending a simple email or something more complex. My expectations are high but so are the rewards. Don’t worry though, I am not expecting you to come in and be a super star from the first Day. I will provide a sufficient training and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to clarify things, and I would be very happy to go through everything and anything. I expect some mistakes and a learning curve in the beginning, it is fine as everybody makes them. As long as you learn from them and never repeat the same mistake twice! Once you get some time and practice, I expect you to be excellent at it and always over deliver. I do not micro manage and won’t be a crazy “boss”. I just give you the job and expect the excellent results. Anything else outside of it is not my business (how exactly you have done it, when etc). At the end of the day, I want you to truly be able to say that you’ve realized your potential.

I believe in fair compensation and creating an environment where people can be successful. At the same time, I don’t want people that need a lot of hand-holding. I expect that people we hire are able to hit the ground running and start making an impact immediately.

I am very reasonable, fair and flexible. More than happy to provide the vacation time, sick day offs, bonuses, flexible schedule, really anything, as long it makes ykaex. Cgbody takes advantage of anybody. As long as the job gets done at the best level, and everything is fair to everyone, I am more than happy to discuss anything. I am also more than happy to be wrong, because we are not always right, and we take our mistakes very seriously too. So there will be plenty of room for discussing this type of things.

This is an absolutely great opportunity to build the whole career! As I mentioned there will be plenty of opportunities to grow, to learn new skills, to get rewarded and even to get the management positions! You will be given meaningful responsibilities as I will be hiring more people and growing a bigger team! It will ultimately up to you to decide, how much work you want to put it, how hard to try and how far to grow! Even the sky is not the limit! I can’t wait to start working together with you! I can’t wait to see the leader you will become.

If you are interested and think this is for you then please apply to this message by having your subject line as "Never Settle for Mediocrity” and then tell me about yourself. Also, answer ALL of the following questions:

-What kind of employer do you like the best?
-Do you have suggestions to make this project run successfully?
-Why should I hire you?
-What is your expected salary? (40 work hours a week)
-Are you willing to work early morning shifts?
-Do you have any previous experience with Ecommerce Businesses? If yes, specify the details.
-Do you have any previous experience with content writing? If yes, specify the details.
-What other experiences/skills do you have that would allow you to do well in this position?
-What are 3 values that describe your character?

Skills required:
• Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
- Admin Assistant
- Email Management
- Excel
• English
- Speaking
- Writing

If you think you have what it takes, I Look forward to speaking with you.


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