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Feb 12, 2020


Hello there -- my name is Chad from Seattle Washington.

I run a mid-sized Real Estate company with roughly 200 people, in the Seattle area. Home of Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, Nirvana, Boeing, Jimmy Hendrix, and the famous Space Needle. (Google this awesome place) Seattle is a great place in the Northwest part of the United States.

We have roughly 50 people (VA's) in the Philippines and all different types of jobs. From Marketing to Telemarketing, Online graphic design to Accounting, Transaction Coordinators, Listing Coordinators --- we are using a lot of you guys there in the Philippines. We are going on 6 years now with outsourcing and hiring from

The other 150 people are Real Estate Agents, who help people buy and sell properties. We are a traditional real estate brokerage and have 7 locations around the Seattle area. Our company does roughly 100 transactions per month -- and we are looking to double that number this year to 200+ per month / 2400 per year.

The name of our company is Century21, we purchased are a franchise back in 2015 and have grown the company quickly.

Century21 is a massive company around the world. They have 7000+ offices, 125,000 sales agents in 70+ countries. We are just one of the 7000+ locations around the world. There are many Century21 offices in the Philippines -- i would encourage you to research that also.

We have developed a pretty serious website that focuses on the Seattle area. This site hosts our hundreds and hundreds of properties, that we sell. We also have thousands of other properties on this website from other real estate companies. Check it out.

What I'm interested in -- to hire NEXT -- is a -- "Digital Marketing Course Developer" -- is building out a new course for Real Estate Agents, and TEAMS that want to generate business online. Currently, it is very competitive to generate leads online. We need to build a course for Agents to learn how.

SO!! I'm excited and I'm interested in hiring an experienced VA in the digital marketing space. I'm in the middle of developing a new "Digital Marketing Course" for real estate agents and TEAMS. This will be a high ticket course -- ($997 per ticket) -- and i need a VA whom will project manage this for me -- forcing daily progress -- on building up this real estate agent course.

1. Facebook Ads
2. Getting Raw Data -- Target Audiences
3. Retargeting your audiences
4. Youtube Ads -- how do they work?
5. Recording Videos -- gear, tools, software
6. Publishing Videos on Facebook
7. Understanding Cost per Leads
8. Keeping up with your campaigns

There will be hundreds of 5-minute video lessons in the course. These need to be organized and structued into a HUGE LESSON PLAN. Hundreds of hours of videos that must be recorded. I can record 4-5 hours per day now. Online Education is major currently, especially in the digital marketing world.

I've purchased lots of courses, learned a TON, and need someone to takes these courses also -- and we will build a huge course based on many different courses -- to make it easier to understand for a wider audience. This will take lots of learning to start -- becoming a subject matter expert -- related to Facebook Ads -- and Posting Ads - managing multiple accounts.

Are you interested in developing the NEXT BIG course online for Real Estate Agents?

Are you interested in working with me directly to build the next BIG DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE?

I'd like to research your replies carefully, and based on your answers, we will setup a webcam interview. If you reply without any serious details, your reply will not be considered. Only serious candidates must apply -- we will be working together for hours daily -- so only serious candidates apply.

nd me any questions you may have. If you express an interest I will follow up with more information.

Thank you for your interest. I'm looking forward to seeing your reply.

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