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Jun 21, 2010


We are posting this job, which we believe is an outstanding opportunity for someone who will not only find it to be fun but also challenging, in the hope that it will attract “YOU” an Exceptional Person.

If you believe that you are this Exceptional Person then be sure to read this carefully.

As a growing company we are recruiting qualified people for a number of positions but this one is Special. We require a Virtual Assistant but not your ordinary run of the mill Virtual Assistant. The person needs to be a “Jack Of All Trades.”

And I have to be very upfront, this job isn't for everyone. We're looking for a very unique person to fill this satisfying but well paid job.

This job is home based but you must have:
• an excellent command of English (spoken & written)
• would enjoy contributing ideas and sharing their thoughts, (on any aspect of the job or company activity).
• ability to work from home without distractions
• Skype and can use it
• a PayPal account or can get one
• a willingness to learn new things. Can easily be taught other skills
• availability for full-time employment (40 hours per week)
• a computer and highspeed Internet connection.

So what we are saying is, the Exceptional Person needs to be talented, hard working and would like to become a valuable member of our team.

This could be an opportunity of a lifetime for you! Not only could you have an exciting job, but you would also enjoy knowing that as you do a great job you'll continue to be rewarded for it, with both recognition of a job well done and also with more money. Not only do we work on fun and challenging projects, but as the company grows so does everyone's SALARY! :)

There are many companies, far too many, that just want to hire people for a low salary and get all the work they can out of them.
Why are we any different?
Well we know from experience that success of a company is based on having contented and success orientated team members, and that's why we believe in creating a fun work
process and rewarding those that deserve it.

We're really looking for that special person that could become a 'leading superstar' on our team. Someone who would love their job and love working as a part of our team.

Here's just some of the SKILLS that this person would have:
• a good working knowledge of Internet Marketing
• webmaster/SEO/Wordpress skills (as an example)
• keyword/niche/content research
• blogging/social media

If you're interested in this unique opportunity, please do the following...

Send me an email at and use a
Subject Line of "I'm that Exceptional Person!"

Let me know why you think you'd be great for this job and what you would bring to it. Attach your Resume

Let me know the best time you can be reached and what schedule you would prefer to work to from home when you won't be distracted.

Please also include links to as many examples of your work that you can.


Walt Raleigh

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