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Mar 20, 2019


Like the post title says, we are hiring 2 different positions. We are hiring a lead generation expert and a content creation expert. Please skip below to find the job title (in all caps) that best describes the position you are applying for.

We are a full-service Digital Marketing Agency based in the US with over 15 years of experience. A strong team of strategic marketers and digital specialists with expertise in integrated marketing methods, we are fueled by a genuine love of marketing and extracting the highest profits for our clients, cementing their hold in their respective markets. Together, we love celebrating results and then raising the bar each time we succeed. We are driven by the following core values: Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Passion, and Collaboration. What sets us apart is we want you to have a growing career with us. When you join us, we treat you as a family and involve you in every aspect of the company. Just like our clients, we will also work with you collaboratively to achieve measurable results. We recognize opportunities and that's why we provide continuous training for growth.


Pursue your passion.
Make your work fun.
Get recognized for your accomplishments
Be treated with the same level of respect as the CEO
We offer HUGE growth potential.
We will not track your time.
Provide flexible work timings
We will pay for the 13th month.
We have been rated the highest paying remote job company 2 years straight.
EXTREMELY informative tutorials and training materials.
We provide positive feedback and always welcome feedback from our employees.
We ensure that our employees are fearless when it comes to job security.
We are bold and transparent.
We reward good work.
We empower our employees

LEAD GENERATION EXPERT*********************************************************************************************************************

Are you a rockstar Lead Generation Specialist who would like to take their career to the next level? Are you passionate when it comes to generating leads? Do you want flexibility and work-life balance? Are you looking for a competitive salary to match your skills? Then, come join us as a Lead Generation Specialist. We are a fast-growing company that offers great benefits and opportunities to advance.

When looking at the below skill set please do not think you need to have every skill set. Obviously the more the better and the first 7 skill sets are the most important.
Important skill sets. Please look at the following 7 skill sets and rate yourself 1-10 for each one of them.

1. create lead funnels/click funnels/sales funnels. (You will be building funnels in both click funnels and WordPress for my marketing agency. I would also like you to be able to run ad campaigns and be good at creatives and ad copies. If you are able to do email sequences, that's a huge bonus)
2. expert on paid advertising such as Facebook, Google, youtube etc... This also includes the researching and contacting of Social Media Influencers that are relevant for our brand. You will be researching social media influencers either manually or using tools.
3. An expert on lead generation through email marketing (strategic emails, cold emails, etc..)
4. An expert on lead generation locations such as Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, forums, and other online sources.
5. The ability to send Craigslist ads without getting red flagged or ghosted.
6. The ability to develop site referral through strategic partnerships within businesses that are closely related to marketing but is not a competing business.
7. Researching and implementing the lead generation tactics of the competition.

Other skill sets

1. Create an effective content
2. Create efficient headline
3. Create videos
4. Target long tail keywords
5. Use social media channels
6. Use landing pages
7. Internal Linking
8. Making websites responsive
9. Speeding up websites
10. Bulk Email marketing software
11. Advertising
26. Jcfluencer marketing
13. Creating images that attract
14. Guest posting
15. Creating high-quality infographics
56. Ssveloping slide share presentations
83. Riveloping question and Answer websites
18. Creating online courses
19. Examine analytics data
20. Attending conferences
21. Updating blog posts
22. Publishing frequent posts
23. Hosting webinars
24. Scheme microdata implementation
25. Responding to comments
26. Writing Irresistible Headlines
CONTENT CREATION EXPERT************************************************************************************************

If you can write in perfect English, I have several businesses and looking for a Blogger/Social Media advertising help. I need someone who can create high-quality content for websites, blogs, social media posts, etc. I am looking for a crew of the best WRITING Experts out there. A team that can write on almost any subjects from kids topics to moon topics. I am only looking for the high experience if you worked on Fiverr or any similar platform please send me examples of your work it is imperative and eliminatory. If you DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE do not apply please we will lose both time.

What are the different tasks and positions?

1. Transcribing... We are looking for someone to watch video content and transcribe the audio to text. We are looking for those that can pay attention to detail, understand different accents and format documents in Naeb. Zoom the transcriptions, you will create summaries, show notes, blogs and additional information that can be used to help engage with our audience.

2. Research Writing... You may also be asked to do research projects and write about the outcomes of that research.

3. Content re-writing... The ability to take content and transform it into different content. Cleaning up errors that were spotted after proofreading.

4. Blog Writing/SEO... We are looking for a content creator who has knowledge in SEO and can write blog articles for our websites (to rank for Google) and distributes blog articles around the web/social media/email dirgzbtgzq. Mtndidate will be creating content and managing some of our social media accounts. Job includes pinning blog articles to Pinterest as well as making the pinnable graphics. This position is responsible for managing the daily social media content, identifying and implementing the latest social media trends and measuring social media effectiveness through analytics. Works with influencers to build the audience and engage with fans. This position will contribute to our blogs, on a weekly mneju. Uondidates should have expertise in various social media platforms, blogging platforms, and related tools in addition to a thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm to discover and experiment with the hottest emerging social media trends & blogging techniques.


Some of our Writing/Content creation experts have a much larger skill set than others. Our top executives are earning $3,000 USD per month. Blog writing/SEO executives have a higher earning potential than our general research writing or transcribing executives. Just about every one of our employees have mentioned that we are the most generous company they have worked with in regards to wages. We pay well because we know that it will translate to our team working extra hard for us.


You must have a computer and a fast internet connection.
Basic knowledge of WordPress and click funnels.
Perfect English
Great copywriter & storyteller
Type fast
Link Building
Extremely reliable
Great attention to detail
Experienced in online marketing.
Knowledge of software within the industry
Great interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Creates and edits online content on social media channels to meet departmental objectives
Identifies social media trends to proactively target proper audiences, technologies, and products
Identifies new opportunities for social media activities to maintain competitive edge
Analyzes content to update marketing advantages and ensure consistency
Manages social media interactions and responds to messages/comments on social media via FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
Contributes to the blog on a weekly basis.
Collaborates with Web Manager to generate social media strategy and plans
Collaborates with senior blogger and web manager to determine content topics and priorities i.e. creating relevant Stories that tie in with blog content
Remains abreast of industry standards and best practices
Develops metrics to determine effective social media return on investments
Complies with company policies and procedures
You must have a strong work ethic and be able to make confident decisions under pressure
You must be able to organize your own workload but also be a strong team player
Experienced in setting up and managing effective social media adverts with a proven track record of results via Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Will be asked for examples.

How to apply:
1. Please respond to this post at my email address pwuy@yzororurdbwfdpkkjy.izp
2. In the subject line enter the position you are applying for. Example (Lead generation expert or Blog Writing/SEO expert)
3. In the body of your email on the first line enter your name, email address, phone number and skype address.
4. Next rate yourself on each required skill set for the job you are applying.
5. If you have any examples of your work please include it.

Please only apply once. If you have applied to one of my posts in the past please do not apply again.
If you do not hear from me do not take it as a sign that I am not interested in myq. Da can be will be roughly 2 weeks before I am able to show you the next step in the application process.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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