Need a Saas developer to share my business with

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Mar 06, 2019


Yes, that is right I am not looking for a working I am looking for a business partner. If you are the best SaaS developer on this network I want to form a team. The business plan that I will share with the applicant that I hire and trust will be the next big jznse. Uu was hard to say that without sounding spammy but this is not some get rich proposal scam or pyramid scheme. I am talking about creating a service software that will generate thousands of users every month and the best part is that the income will be residual. I am not interested in competing with hundreds of companies that are starting to position themselves in a market that is going to boom. I would much rather provide them all with the software to help them with their business. If I was around during the gold rush I would be the one renting the shovels. Just about every industry out on the net has saas that generates residual income. Email marketing software, Amazon FBA software, Day trading software, Credit repair software you name it each market is flooded with this software. However, there is a new emerging market that will need SAAS and I would like us to be the pioneers and get to the finish line first. Because this is a huge opportunity I am sure there will be a lot of applicants. So please make yourself standout. Why should I partner with you? Make it clear. Give me examples, demos or whatever you think would help you sell yourself. This is a time sensitive project so please apply as soon as possible so we can start building our empire immediately.

Please let me know the extent of your Saas development knowledge. How many years, how many projects, etc...

Please apply to wxuq@acnufrmsiwreuvehwk.awu

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