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Full Time


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Dec 02, 2013


[Main Role]
Your main role will be to handle the entire technical side of the business – for example, updating websites, installing forums and blogs, integrating shopping carts into the sites and so on.

You and I will be working closely together –so you will need to be available on Skype throughout the day (not on Sunday's), and provide regular updates via Google docs spread sheet I will make available to you.

[Hours and Pay]
- You will be expected to work 40 hours per week. We expect a rapid rate of growth and you are to be available on request to respond to my request 7 days a week.

- I will pay you using - I will pay you every week during the trial and once we’ve established some trust, I will pay you monthly. This way you know you will not be ripped off.

- With all new hires, there is a 30 day trial period, where we will evaluate all the work that you do for us.

- Initially, you will start on $400 per month. After completing the 90 day trial period, we will review your performance and negotiate a standard hourly rate. I will raise it quickly, if things are working out and you are performing well.

- Pay is highly flexible for the right person, depending on how they contribute and add value to our company.

Meeting Deadlines
- Meeting agreed deadlines is very important and will be managed using Google Calender. I will ask that you deliver all projects on time, always – and provide me with timely updates if there are going to be delays.

[Essential Skills]
- HTML / FTP / CPANEL / MySQL, mobile responsive site development
- Digital Access Pass 'DAP'
- Strong knowledge and experience setting up, maintaining and updating email auto-responders
- Strong knowledge and experience using Optimise Press 2.0 including Optimise Member to create membership sites and sales funnels
- I-frames
- Word Press etc.
- Mobile app creation
- Ecommerce – adding in upsell sequences, customising shopping carts and the ordering process - setting up membership sites, linking into and out of the main site,
- Basic understanding of how direct response marketing works
- Knowledge of how email auto-responders and shopping carts work e.g. 1shopping cart , post affiliate pro, ewallet and you must have the knowledge and ability to integrate them all together so they work seamlessly together.
- Strong technical ability to make the site impervious to brute force attacks – customer details security is not negotiable
- Excellent hold of English - strong communication skills – honest, loyal, problem solving and analytical skills and be able to work autonomously after a couple of months
- Know how sales funnels work and have had experience setting them up, testing and refining them
- Know how to set up, use and maintain automated webinar software – evergreen business systems
- You must display exceptional spelling and grammar and you must check your work before sending to us for final approval.

[Desired Skills]
- Hiring and managing other people – we expect fast growth in the next twelve months – so past experience managing virtual teams is highly desirable
- Creating project plans and managing projects on your own
- Knowledge of internet marketing, traditional and online business
models and MLM
- Google Analytics (installing and presenting weekly reports automatically)
- Photoshop, basic design and image editing, banner and logo creation skills
- Have worked with post affiliate pro – and email auto-responders and ecommerce in a single site
- Have experience creating blogs
- Editing videos and uploading them.

[How to apply for this position]
a. Explain in no less than 100 words why you think you would be the right person for this role, and how exactly you would contribute to helping achieve our goals.

b. Go through the individual skills (both essential and desired), and identify any past work you have done the shows me that you are competent in those areas. Please provide only relevant examples of your work – don’t send links that are not relevant to what we want you to do.

c. Contact me with your answers, at the same time provide me with your Skype contact details, your company name (if you have one), your profile ID and your name and any other identifying information.

[Important Notes]
- Please do not send insufficient answers that lack detail…we are looking for the best candidates who are passionate and serious about their success and the success of our business.

- Do not waste your time (our ours) if you are a not really skilled in the areas we need you to be.

- If you share our vision of a technologically savvy company who hires only the best quality people, please apply….immediate start for right person.

[Skype Interviews]
On receiving applications I will then personally review and interview strong candidates on Skype. (my skype user ID is:

As a programmer and webmaster you may have other skills that can be used in setting up, maintaining and improving web sites and so forth.
Your skills, resources and processes not listed herein are to be added to the procedure as you progress.

[Keeping daily activity Records and Documenting Your Daily Plans]
Each day you must report to me by email and in Google docs spread sheet – you are required to answer the following questions:
- What did you do today?
- What problems did you run into?
- What can I do to help you?
- What are you planning to do tomorrow?

[Local Laws and Custom]
We understand that in the Philippines that your law requires your employer to provide a bonus one month’s pay which is called the ‘thirteenth month’ – I know about the thirteenth month. I will pay it, but I need you to remind me about it; otherwise I’ll forget. So when it comes time for that bonus, just let me know, and I will pay you.

You will also be paid a bonus where you over deliver i.e. before time or where you provide improvement ideas without being asked. If you regularly go above and beyond what is asked of you e.g. you take the initiative to get things in place without asking and you do it competently, and then you will be rewarded with another bonus at my absolute discretion.

To help you understand what we want from you, as a trusted team member, you will be given complete access to our affiliate programs and sites and anything else you need to do your job. Just ask if you don’t have what you need or want access to other things.

I will provide some short videos for you to watch that will help you along the way. All you will need to do is tell me where you are having problems then I will make a video to help explain what I need for you to do.

Working on your own and making decisions on your own is what I am ultimately wanting from you and we will get you there once you have been trained to do the job properly. You won’t be expected to be perfect; I just want you to try your best and be loyal to me as your employer – I will reward you for loyalty and delivering what is expected.

[An overview of our business]
The core of our business is providing business entrepreneurs and existing small business owners with a range of video info-products, coaching services and access to proprietary software that help them to start-up, maintain and grow a traditional or internet based businesses (or both) using a range of products and services provided by our company – My Future Business. Specific details will be provided to the successful candidate.

[Hints and Tips]
- If you have questions ask me – we understand that you may not want to ask because you are afraid of losing your job but we won’t fire you for asking questions. We might if you don’t ask questions and end up losing us money.

- You must always be PRODUCTIVE not busy!

- Ask yourself: will what you are about to do improve our business or serve our customers better? If not, don’t proceed and try something else that does.

Good luck with your application….
Rick Nuske

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