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Apr 15, 2013


We are a German company, active in the field of internet business. For the development of many websites, we are looking for a website developer.

Your tasks will be:
- Doing keyword research
- Managing domains on the server (cPanel)
- Installing wordpress (you can use Fantastico if you like)
- Designing wordpress-websites (using templates)
- Designing other websites
- Creating websites with wordpress
- Creating mobile websites
- Programming websites without wordpress
- Creating landing pages and sales pages
- Doing SEO on page
- Online Marketing (Blog and article submission, link building, link wheels ...)
- Google Analytics

You do not have to have all those skills right now it is not a problem as you will get trained on all those skills.

You will need the following skills:
- Working independently (That means: Finding solutions to the problems that occur. Having the courage to make decisions. Learning to think and decide how we think and decide)
- High motivation
- Pay attention to details
- Learn quickly
- A feeling for design
- Photoshop
- Programming (PHP, HTML, SQL, if you know more: Fine!)
- Affiliate Marketing
- If you are a Bachelor of Science (IT) it is fine! But it is not necessarsy.

Additional skills, that you must not have:
There are some more skills that we do not expect. However if you happen to have some of those skills this would increase your chance for a job:
- Perfect English (as good as a mother tongue)
- Video marketing
- Video editing (if possible Camtasia)
- Google adsense
- Google adwords
- Google analytics
- Membership sites

We do not expect you to be perfect in every single skill. You will get access to a lot of online training courses. We expect you to take part in all those training courses to increase you knowledge.

Wage and contract:
We will start the contract at 10.000 PHP a month. If you are willing to start for less, please let us know. Of course it would increase your chances. Depending on your work your salary will go up from there over the time. Please keep in mind that especially within the first 1-2 years a part of your time will be used for your training.
In December you will receive a 13th salary. In the first year it will be a percentage of your monthly salary, depending on when we start the contract. In the following years it will be a full monthly income extra.

This relationship will be long term. So please only apply if you are willing to work for us for years to come! Our intention is to invest a lot of time and training in you!

Working time:
Your working time will be 40 hours a week. We expect you to have no other jobs to be able to focus on this job. You will provide us with a daily email about your work. The working time can be from Monday to Friday. You do not have to work during the nights or weekends. However you decide when to work those 40 hours.

In general you will get paid at the end of each month. However in the first month we are willing to pay you at the end of each week to build trust. When you apply please tell how we can pay you. Do you have a bank account? Paypal?

General questions:
When you apply please tell us why should we hire you!

We are looking forward to your application!

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