Great opportunity! Looking for genius web manager and all rounder.

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May 22, 2010


I’m looking for someone that can help me create, develop, and bring to market multiple websites a month. At present I have about 8 websites which need significant help getting traffic and sales to fund the rollout of many more projects.

My goal is to release one new site a week and eventually multiple sites a week. I don’t have the time just now and/or the resources to get them all happening at the same time. This is where you come in!

In essence, I’m a product creator. I like to come up with new ideas and need someone to do a bit of research, writing, formatting, design, etc and then package the concepts into new fresh product to be released. This would involve all areas from conception to SEO, traffic and most of all revenue generating success.

I see this relationship/job involving three components at present.

Component 1: Learning some of the best marketing methods on the planet:

Here’s the exciting part. I have just enrolled in an expensive online marketing and management membership. I am looking for someone who is interested in really learning these up to date highly successful business building tools, techniques, and strategies.

Now the partnership here is that you not only have access to this material which has cost me thousands to get, and not only will you be using these strategies to help me grow my business, but you will also be educating yourself along the way with one of Americas leading Online Marketing Gurus.

So in essence, you will become the student on my behalf and at no cost to you. You will study the strategies and implement those that we both feel would be beneficial to my various website.

I would like the successful applicant to, in your own time, sift through the information on the membership site, (which could take up to 4 days), and put together a kind of a plan of action as to what information and strategies we should and should not use so that we can hit the ground running.

(If having access to this knowledge base is of value to you then you may wish to keep this in mind when you quote up your weekly fee for these first few weeks).

Component 2: Web design, SEO/traffic & Revenue Component:

My sites need traffic and I need that special someone that has had a tremendous about of success with the traditional SEO and online marketing methods which can result in revenue. (article, blogging, social media, backlinks, video posting and creation, auto-responder).

Also you will need to be strong in these design areas:
- html
- Wordpress and preferably in the new micro continuity plug in + data base ftp experience
- Auto responders & code etc
- Photoshop
- Box cover design etc

Component 3: Virtual Assistant:

Help build and grow my manage facebook, manage tweets, edit materials, and general help with growing my online business including;
- Be my outsourced office manager the manage other outsourced workers
- Customer support via email and phone if necessary, answering queries from online sites
- Handling clients that are experiencing download problems and getting them functional within 8 hours of a challenge

You will need to report to me each day, (that you’ve worked), with what you have learned, what you feel we need to do first, second, third and where we’re headed.

You will need to show me what you are learning is actually visibly showing up on my websites and also most of all, I am achieving more sales and revenue as a result of both these new marketing techniques and having you on board.

Income requirements:
I feel the best way to go from here would be for the successful applicant and I to work on one or two simple projects first and see how we work together so keep this in mind when you send through your income requirements. I’m thinking we should do just one to two weeks just to test the water.

I am also more than happy to pay a commission and or bonuses to the successful applicant when we see some results that are clearly coming from their efforts.

Thanks for your time. I know this was long winded but this position is really important to me that we can work well together, pump these sites out, and make some good money together.

Good luck

Here are a few of my sites:

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