JAVA Programmer

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Full Time


30,000 - 60,000/NET per Month




Dec 28, 2017


Job Descriptions:
1. Being Responsible for core business system architecture improvements and important module developments.
2. Participating in the design of new requirements, coding and unit testing, and assure the progress and quality.
3. Timely response and repair the online problems and bugs.

1. More than four years of experience in Java development, and excellent experience open source projects is preferred;
2. Familiar with JVM operating mechanism and optimization, familiar with multi-threaded programming;
3. Familiar with SpringMVC, spring, springboot, MyBatis, multi-treasure framework and mainstream middleware;
4. Skillful of using development tools such as idea and script control tools like git;
5. Familiar with relational database such as MySQL and the use of NoSQL (such as MongoDB and etc) and theirs restrictions;
6. Familiar with Linux system, skilled use and configuration of the Tomcat web server;
7. Strong business understanding, with Internet based finance background and large-scale Internet projects background are preferred.

Preferred Qualifications
1. Familiar with technologies such as Redis, Memcached, NoSql (Mongo, HBase), RPC (Dubbo, Thrift), MQ (Kafaka, RabbitMQ) and search engine related Tech (Elastic Search);
2. With NodeJS, Python and other scripting languages experience;
3. High traffic and high concurrent website development experience is highly preferred;
4. Full stack engineer is preferred.
5. Willing to work in Solaire, Paranaque

Compensation & Benefits
1. Probationary Period: Maximum three months. Salary offered is 80% during this period. If employee performance is good, he/she can be regularized in advance.
2. Regularization: Salary is between 30k-60k Php+ kpi.
3. Working Hours: 8 hours per day, 1 day Rest per week.
4. Mobile Allowance: Employee may claim maximum 500 Php mobile allowance per month.
5. Meal Allowance: up to 4000 Php meal allowance will be provided every month
6. Employee Benefits: SSS, Philheath, Pag-ibig and other benefits will be provided
7. 13th Month Pay: The 13th month pay rule and calculation formula for Philippine employee is employee working months / 12 * basic monthly salary.

For qualified applicants, kindly send your Resume to mc.xicqkxa@lm.ajl

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