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Oct 26, 2011


Looking for an experienced social media marketing manager that can speak and write native english well. On a scale of 1-10 their english speaking skills need to be an 9 or 10 with 10 being excellent. Have call center experience will help.

My niche is network marketing, social media, internet marketing and blogging. It would help if you had knowledge and experience in these categories.

Here is the job description with daily and weekly tasks:

1. Check disqus weekly for blog comments – this is on lastpass.
2. Comment on Social Media Magazine Website postings:
a. http://fbandbusiness.com/
b. http://tweetingandbusiness.com/
c. http://thebiggandbusiness.com/
d. http://liandbusiness.com/
3. Review training videos/webinars
a. Mari Smith Mastermind Group: https://marismith.customerhub.net/
i. Mentor with Mari 2.0 VIP Program (MWM)
1. Comprised of 12 sessions June-December 2011.
ii. Inner Circle Monthly Webinar (once a month webinars)
iii. Past courses
1. Social Media Success Summits, FB Success Summits, etc.
2. 30 Days to Social Media Success
3. Facebook Marketing Course
4. Social Marketing Mastery Immersion (SMMI)
b. MLM Launch Formula: http://members.mlmlaunchformula.com
c. Internet Marketing Tool Box: http://www.thelaunchcoach.com/online-marketing-toolbox
d. Facebook Success Summit 2011: http://www.whitepapersource.com/facebook2011/sessions/recorded.html
e. Coaching Calls with John Paul Aguiar
4. Maintain Social Media accounts:
a. Note: For any content shared on the social media sites listed below make sure you NEVER post the same message for that day on more than one site – the exception to this rule is if you are promoting a latest blog post – just make sure to change up the message slightly so its not seen as the exact same content being shared.
i. It’s okay to cross promote on social media – meaning asking people to add you as a friend on facebook when you are talking to them on twitter.
b. Make sure all social media sites are seo optimized according to this article: http://sem-group.net/search-engine-optimization-blog/seo/how-to-optimize-7-popular-social-media-profiles-for-seo/
c. Better Networker – post 1-2 a day.
i. Add followers.
ii. You don’t need to be as active on this site but at least maintain it 3-4 days out of the week.
iii. Post unique messages as they relate to social media and network marketing.
1. http://www.betternetworker.com/members/KevinKLau
iv. Add posts or articles at least once a day – change title of message. Okay to use old blog content from my site.
d. Twitter – 12-14 posts a day
i. Use TweetAdder to add new peeps that are in my niche: network marketing/social media/internet marketing/blogging
ii. Use Kurrently.com, twellow.com, search.twitter.com, etc. to stay up to date with latest conversations in my niche.
iii. 2-3 quotes a day.
iv. 4-5 pieces of other people’s content (OPC) covering network marketing, social media, internet marketing/blogging.
v. 3-4 self promotion pieces of content –
1. 2-3 post a day should always be promoting my latest blog post or an older blog post (it’s okay to recycle good valuable content just change the message around.
2. 1-2 post a day on affiliate offers – from Mari Smith, other affiliate programs, etc.
vi. 2-3 pieces of content responding to @replies and mentions
1. On Fridays I expect a little more @replies and @mentions since its #FF.
vii. For new followers ALWAYS SEND THEM A DIRECT MESSAGE (DM) within 24-48 hours – never automate this – something that compliments them, their bio, photos, messages, etc.
viii. Check crowdbooster every other day for statistics and best times to tweet.
ix. Check hootsuite analytics – create weekly report for click throughs and google analytics – facebook and twitter.
x. Purge bad followers once a month using manageflitter.
1. Backup twitter followers at least once a month.
xi. Stay up to day with trending topics - #FF, #MWM20, etc.
xii. Stay in touch with top Klout members and peeps
1. @MariSmith – my social media coach
2. Any MWM person
3. @JohnAguiar – my internet marketing coach.
4. @GuyKawasaki
5. @VickiBerry – always has great content related to MLM.
6. @ anyone that has high klout and is related to my niche or just shares great ideas.
e. Facebook Profile – 2-4 pieces of content a day (Ideally post morning, afternoon, and evening – never automate posts – do them manually).
i. Use Kurrently.com to see discussions.
ii. Continue to add and engage with new peeps to build up our friends list to 5k.
iii. Try and vary content so some posts are short and others max out the 5k character length.
iv. Stay active in the following groups:
2. MWM 2.0
3. MWM Firestarters – this is where we go to share latest blog posts.
4. Twitter Tribe Free Training
5. Social Media Inner Circle
v. 1 piece of content can be personal stuff – like fun things.
vi. 2 pieces on network marketing
vii. 2 on social media or internet marketing/blogging.
1. Different content each day.
2. Share OPC.
3. Post latest blog article every day.
a. Send DM to John Paul Aguiar with title of article and url link so he can syndicate it for me.
viii. Okay to post less messages on weekends.
ix. Engage with fan base – idea is to get more shares, likes and dialogue going.
1. For examples of engagement: https://www.facebook.com/allfacebook?sk=wall https://www.facebook.com/mashable?sk=wall
f. Facebook Fan Page – 3-4 pieces of content (vary it up based on crowdbooster stats).
i. Try and vary content so some posts are short and others max out the 5k character length.
ii. 1 piece of content can be personal stuff.
iii. Check crowdbooster every other day.
iv. Post latest blog article.
v. Okay to post less messages on weekends.
vi. Engage with fan base – idea is to get more shares, likes and dialogue going.
1. For examples of engagement: https://www.facebook.com/allfacebook?sk=wall https://www.facebook.com/mashable?sk=wall
vii. Stay active in groups:
1. Twitter Group
2. MWM 2.0 + MWM 2.0 VIP Levels
3. Mari’s Inner Circle Monthly
4. Any other social media and network marketing groups to share ideas.
g. Google+ – 3 pieces of content – morning, afternoon, evening.
i. Post latest blog article.
ii. Add followers.
iii. Engage with fan base – get more +1, shares, etc.
iv. Okay to post less on weekends.
h. LinkdIn – Post 1 piece of automated content a day.
i. Add connections.
ii. Post latest blog article.
iii. Participate in groups related to my niche.
iv. From time to time write recommendations for people and also ask for recommendations.
i. YouTube – When we get into video marketing I’ll need some help with promoting videos.
i. Add friends and view other people’s videos.
ii. Comment and share on their videos.
iii. For new videos fill out keyword, description, and tags.
j. Empire Avenue
i. Engage
5. Special Reports aka Nuclear Fuel
a. This type of content should be shared on all social media platforms to increase activity and engagement. This type of content will be:
i. Whitepapers (created once every quarter)
ii. Industry Reports (created once a year)
iii. eBooks (created once every 6 months)
6. Create Weekly Report
a. Analyze keywords on hootsuite – network marketing business and social media consultant.
b. Analyze click throughs and open rates on tweets and facebook messages.
c. Google analytics.
d. Also perform a monthly aweber analytics report.

I would also like you to create 2-3 sample twitter messages and a facebook/google+ post of at least 5k characters in length related to my niche. This will let me assess your writing skills and ability to interact with people.

When composing a twitter message follow this format:

message + link + via/RT + (@username) + [comment]

Example: 10 Twitter Tips to Explode your Business - shortened link Via @marismith [great read!]

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