Content Writer for a Social Media Marketing Company (Full-Time Home-Based Job)

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Full Time






May 22, 2018


We are looking for skillful content writers with a "can-do" character. If you are confident and you have strong skills in writing then you are perfect for our team! Join our awesome and vibrant team and start your journey to success! We have been in the business for more than 5 years and we are expanding our team of writers who can strengthen the marketing strategies of our company through powerful and trending contents.

- Excellent English writing skills
- Knows how to use Wordpress
- Strong online research skills
- Major in Journalism/ Mass communication is preferred but not required
- Experience working for a US-based online news publication
- Knows how to use SEO and AP style
- At least 1-year experience in content writing

- Actively cooperate with the content strategist in creating powerful and trending web contents
- Research, write and edit web and intranet content from scratch
- Write web content based on material supplied by client or employer
- Edit print documents for publication online
- Edit web pages for on-screen readability
- Proofread final draft of web pages
- Create interesting and appealing titles and articles about social media marketing and create strong content for meta keyword and description tag

Cool. You have finally reached this part of the job post. It would be a shame if your time and effort will be put to waste because you didn't follow the instructions on how to apply for this position, so please read the instructions carefully below so we can continue with your application:

1. Research thoroughly about the company, its products, and services, who or what we cater to, read the company reviews (even the negative ones), etc.

If you have all the information regarding the company and you still want to pursue your application, please continue reading.

2. In NOT less than 15 sentences, please provide an answer to this question:

"Do you believe in aliens?"

3. Save your resume in Google Docs and then send the link to your resume together with your answer to the question above.

4. The title of your application should be: I Am A Writer (your complete name)

E.g. I Am A Writer (John Smith)

You will be receiving an email from Mr. Fredbert Deocariza should you pass our initial assessment.


1. How many hours per week is required?
Answer: 40 hours per week; that is 8 hours per day in 5 days so there are 2 days off in a week; Note: 1-hour break is not paid and it is set up asUpgrade to see actual infoor 30-30

2. What is the work schedule?
Answer: The regular schedule starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m. (The US and Canada Eastern Time)

3. How are we going to be paid?
Answer: We pay our independent contractors (outside of US) through Payoneer as of the moment so it is important that you have a Payoneer account; salary is released every Monday (The US and Canada Eastern Time); yes, you will be paid WEEKLY

4. How are salaries computed?
Answer: Monthly X 12 Months = Yearly Salary; Yearly Salary / 52 Weeks = Weekly Salary

5. Will there be deductions from the company like taxes?
Answer: None from the company but Payoneer and your bank may charge you for using their services

6. Will the company provide the devices like laptop/desktop and or pay for the internet connection, electricity, and the like for this job?
Answer: No; Everything will be shouldered by the independent contractor

7. There was a post online about the company not paying its contractors. Is there truth to that?
Answer: It's not true. Here's our response: Upgrade to see actual info

Good luck!

The Bytion Team

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