Why Pay, Other Sites Are Free?

The short: Other sites (Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr…) charge way higher back-end fees so you end up paying more. We don’t charge any fees except the up-front recruiting fee.


The longer: We have a long-term approach focused on what’s best for YOU and YOUR WORKERS.  With us, you pay a fee to access our huge database of workers. We moderate that database, filter bad workers, provide tools and education to give you the best chance of finding a great worker.

We DON’T charge any back-end fees, salary markups, or tell you how you have to manage your worker.

With other sites, you get to look at and communicate with the workers for free, but on the back-end when you go to pay them, everything gets marked up.  Typical markups are 20-40% (Upwork or Freelancer) to 200-500% (any agency which provides office space for workers).  Not to mention they dictate how you’re allowed to communicate with them, how you have to pay them, and most of the time that worker is forced to work multiple jobs because of the nature of the work.

Think about the cost difference:

A typical beginner worker on OnlineJobs.ph will make $400/month full-time.  That’s $2.50/hour.

preview-full-always available 2

That same worker on other sites is forced to charge $7/hour (because of site policies and the nature of “freelancing”).  For full-time work you end up paying $1,120, including $224-$448 in fees.

$69 up front isn’t so bad…

Still concerned about the cost???


  1. Patrick says

    Very true, you’ve to pay a huge sum with every project to these services. And they don’t even provide good protection against refunds and charge-backs. Nice Piece!

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