What CAN a VA do for you? Anything!

 “It’s not just about taking things off your plate, it can also be about finding leverage points to grow [your business] further.” 

Do you feel like you wasted time today?

Matt Loberstein, the owner of a 7-figure Amazon e-commerce business, explains how you’re wasting precious business hours every day as you try to personally manage every aspect of your business. Without hiring help, it’s easy to flounder under the weight of paperwork, customer service, social media marketing, logistics, sales… the list goes on.

But help is expensive, and competent help can be hard to hire.

Matt has the solution: “Leverage.” Leverage in the form of Filipino virtual workers.

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Outsourcing other tasks to Filipino VAs allowed Matt to focus on the core operations of his business.

Matt’s been working with Filipino virtual workers for a year and a half. He’s witnessed first-hand how adding affordable team-members to your workforce creates growth and freedom. By delegating customer service and graphic design tasks to his Filipino worker, Matt found freedom to become the CEO and expand his business.

He explains how Filipino virtual workers can relieve you of the mundane daily tasks that feed on your creativity and productivity as a business owner.

But that’s not all they can do. Filipino workers are not stagnant, and they can perform much more than basic tasks! You can use virtual workers with specialized skill sets to “leverage” and “elevate” your business. Bring in experts to do the things you don’t know how to do, and implement systems you’ve waited to implement (Matt uses logistics and sales as examples).contribute IDEAS

Matt explains that for a one-time gig, hiring a contractor from Fiverr or Upwork is fine. But your business requires team members, not just contractors. For long-term Filipino workers, Matt hires with OnlineJobs.ph.

Filipino virtual workers found on OnlineJobs.ph are long-term team members. And because they’ll be with your business for a long time, you can gradually teach them about and trust them with more aspects of your business.

Filipino virtual workers are a solid investment, whether you’re hiring a worker to take time-wasting tasks off of your plate OR to specialize in a system that will elevate your business. And they can do just about anything!

Learn more about Matt and his business ventures at https://www.youtube.com/mattloberstein

Get leverage like Matt did!

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