Academy Courses train your VA for you!

We'll Teach Your VA How to Manage
Your Sphere of Influence Marketing

With Academy’s Real Estate VA Training Academy Real Estate VA Course

We’ll teach your VA how to manage your sphere of influence.

Our experts created a course that will teach your VA how to manage your sphere of influence marketing program. The best part? You barely have to lift a finger.

(Just make a few phone calls to your contacts each year. That’s it!).

Buy this course and give it directly to your Filipino VA. It’s designed for all Filipino workers - newbies and experts alike.

Boost your sales using resources you already have...and a VA.

Create More Time

Create More Time

Training your VAs well is the most time-consuming and most important aspect of outsourcing. Let us train your VA with info-packed videos, designed just for them.

Give Them The Best

Give Them The Best

We partnered with field experts to build our Real Estate VA Course - our courses offer concise and effective training from pros.

Build Trust

Build Trust

Great training increases your workers’ efficiency and builds their trust, and trust is critical to a successful outsourcing relationship.

VA User-Friendly


Our Real Estate VA Course will not overwhelm or intimidate you or your virtual assistants.

We’re going to build your business by teaching your VA how to manage your sphere of influence.

Have you ever desperately turned to hail-mary marketing techniques? Like only charging 1% commissions or spending your entire day calling FSBO listings? Statistics say you’re wasting money and valuable time. We have a better solution.

Hire a VA to manage your SOI, and train them using our new Academy Course.

Did you know that for every 10 contacts you nurture with constant contact and follow-ups, you usually gain two transactions (whether directly or by referral)? Cold prospects only yield one transaction out of 50!

A real estate agent’s greatest sales arsenal is in their sphere of influence. People who already know you, like you and trust you can be tapped for a consistent stream of business with a well-managed sphere campaign.

We know it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget to follow-up with past clients and contacts...

So let your VA do it for you.

And let us teach them how to do it.

Our Real Estate VA Training curriculum is compiled of 5 learning modules that include training for you and training for your VA.

1. YOU will learn how to hire a competent real estate VA

2. YOUR VA will learn to manage everything from your CRM to direct mail marketing.

Our videos will teach your VAs to hone in on your sphere, marketing and remarketing to your past clients and their friends. Each video delivers critical information and instruction to your virtual assistant. We’ve also included an introductory video for YOU to teach you and your VA what you are doing and why you are doing it.

What’s in the course?

Our Real Estate VA Course offers something for every budget and every stage of business. From using free tools (like emails and phone), to direct mail and internet ads, we’ll teach your VA everything. The course includes videos and detailed step-by-step instructions for you and your VA to work in tandem. (But let’s be honest, they will do most of the work for you!)

This course will teach YOU how to:

Get the right VA for real estate from

Use Skype to effectively and seamless to communicate.

Screen candidates for specific real estate skills.

Pay your VA simply and quickly.

Create hiring agreements with templates.

Use the Google suite that your VA sets up.

Use screencasts to communicate exactly how you want things done.

Use our “set it and forget it” procedures.

Customize from this base to suit your needs.

Use our customized version of Wise Agent CRM to organize your business.

Use proven call dialogues to get more business from your sphere.

Work your sphere on a limited budget.

Seamlessly send pre-designed mailing pieces.

Have your VA set up targeted Internet ads to your sphere.

The three-step process to hand off 80% of your business to your VA.

This course will teach YOUR VA how to:

Set up and manage your google suite.

Google has so much functionality, including use of a personalized URL for your business, organized emails, calendar, video storage, etc. Your VA will set up and implement all of it for you.

Use our custom version of wise agent CRM to leverage the most powerful tools in the industry.

The CRM does so much, but we agents typically just scratch the surface. Your VA will be well-versed on all of the tools that are already provided and just need to be used!

Manage your sphere on a consistent basis.

Maintaining a healthy sphere takes consistent activities - some daily, some monthly, some annual. Your VA will have the playbook for what to do to keep contact and maintain an ever-growing and changing database.

Follow your custom instructions.

Ultimately, this is for your VA. We give you a great base, but we will show you how to “freestyle“ and have them do tasks that are unique to your business. Yes, even set up your tennis or golf games with “clients“! The possibilities are endless.

You have so much untapped potential in your current sphere of influence. Hire a VA, share this course with them and enjoy the results.

Then take a vacation with all of the time you didn’t have to spend creating trainings!

The way it works is simple:

Buy the full Real Estate VA Course for $299.
Then share the login information with your virtual worker to give them unlimited access to the curriculum.

Get started now!

Full Curriculum


Backed by our 60-day
“satisfaction or your money back” guarantee.

Our Guarantee

If you're not happy, we'll give your money back.

Feeling ripped off is the worst. We hate it and so do you. So, if you're not happy with the training for any reason, just ask us for a refund and we'll give it to you. Just contact our support team and they'll take care of you.

Limited to 60 days from your purchase. That's fair.

This course is for EVERY Filipino worker, not just newbies.

You think, “But I just hired/will hire a real estate expert with They already know everything I want them to do, so they don’t need this course.”


This course solves the #1 problem employers face with Filipino workers:
The Disappearing Filipino Worker...

Giving your workers quality training builds the TRUST you need to prevent the “Disappearing Filipino” problem.

The Disappearing Filipino Worker Defined:

Filipino workers tend to get embarrassed and intimidated if they feel like their work is not good enough or if they don’t understand your expectations and instructions. As a result, rather than face you and deal with your disappointment, they stop responding and disappear. This can cause havoc in your business and cost you time and money.

How Academy Solves
“The Disappearing Filipino Worker” Problem:

Filipino workers (even the experts) are hesitant to do things you haven't specifically instructed them to do. Or, if you ask them to do something but don't give them training, they worry they're going to do it wrong and disappoint you.

But great training can change everything.

Quality Training

Quality Training



Dedicated Rockstar Worker AND Minimal Chance of Disappearing

Trust is the most important aspect of your outsourcing relationship.

Quality training and good communication creates trust with your worker; trust that you're going to be ok with their work, trust that you're not going to fire them if they make a mistake, trust that you're willing to invest in the relationship with them, trust that you'll be there when they don't know something.

Whether they're a beginner or an expert, providing them great training builds their trust and gives them confidence that you're:

Willing to support them in their job
Willing to help them grow and learn
Willing to work with them as they try things
Knowledgeable yourself in running the business
Going to invest in the relationship

AND it's not until they trust you that they will start going above and beyond, start doing more than you ask and become rock star workers.

Take advantage of this premium, hands-off training for YOUR FILIPINO WORKERS

All you have to do is purchase this real estate training course, watch a handful of videos that were created for you, and pass the rest of the videos off to your VA.