Strategic Executive Assistant

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Full Time


Php 40,000/month




Nov 27, 2023


We are seeking an experienced and highly capable Strategic Executive Assistant (or Executive Project Manager) to provide comprehensive support to our executive team. This role is pivotal in managing the executive's calendar, communications, and project timelines, ensuring the smooth operation of various business functions.

This is a full time position with working hours for Eastern Standard Time. There is plenty of room to grow in this position.

Key Responsibilities:

Manage and coordinate the executive's calendar and scheduling.
Handle executive's phone and email communications, filtering and prioritizing as needed.
Keep track of the executive's responsibilities and obligations, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
Assist in pricing and building quotes for creative projects, including videos, design, and photography. Experience with website and marketing quotes is a significant advantage.
Employ strong project management skills to ensure deadlines are met and clients are appropriately followed up with. Proficiency in project management software like ClickUp is essential.
Systematize projects by building milestones, holding the executive and clients accountable, and ensuring all parties are on track.
Provide end-of-day reports on progress, completion, and status of various initiatives, projects, and tasks.
Plan and conduct daily meetings with the executive, preparing items and questions in advance for efficient use of time.
Proactively update the executive with all new information, contacts, and details to optimize his time and keep informed.
Manage the executive's inbox and CRM, ensuring efficient and organized communication.
Complete tasks on behalf of the CEO where possible, including calling for appointments, liaising with other executives, and handling calls with service providers.
Skills and Qualifications:

Extensive experience in supporting high-level executives or leadership teams.
Exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving abilities.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Ability to work independently and take initiative in a dynamic environment.
Experience in creative industry pricing and quote building is highly desirable.
Additional Considerations:

The ideal candidate will have the ability to anticipate the needs of the executive and act effectively under minimal supervision.
Familiarity with the creative services industry, including real estate content creation, is a plus.

Must have experience assisting busy executive/owner.
For top priority applicants please film a short video (and upload to youtube)
The goal is for me to get to know you, how you would help manage my time and take things off my plate.
Please make sure to:
- introduce yourself
- tell me a bit about your experience
- tell me a time where you/someone made a mistake, and how you problem solved, and the solution you chose, and the results
- tell me what tools you have experience with (google cal, crm like ghl/hubspot/FUB, clickup/project management, panda doc, zapier etc.)
- Tell me how you would answer my person phone (role play, and then explain why you would answer the phone that way, and how you would respond to common inquiries, and what you would do during/after the call to take notes/complete the task, or delegate)
- Outline/explain how you would structure a daily meeting with me to ask questions, present updates, and prompt me to share new information about clients/projects etc
- explain how you would add something to my calendar for a call, would you put in google? crm? how would you put notes etc.

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