Sales Position - Relationship Agent/ B2B Sales Real Estate Investor

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Full Time


Depends on experience.




Jul 08, 2024


**When applying please provide an accessible link of your resume and a video or voice recording while answering the question why you feel you are the right fit for this role. Must provide all the requirements to be considered. No Exceptions**

About Us:

We are a Real Estate Firm in the US that focuses on Residential and Commercial Assets. We Acquire, Construct and Property Manage for our own portfolio while consulting with other investors on how to get into real estate by partnering with us. We are dedicated to transforming communities through innovative real estate projects.

To support our ambitious growth plans, we are seeking a motivated and results-driven Virtual Assistants - 1 Business Development Agent to help with Vacation Rentals and Temporary Housing and 1 Relationship Agent/ B2B Sales Real Estate Investor (Private Money Lender Relationship Manager)

Job Overview:

Business Development Agent - You will be working in the Property Management side of our business reaching out to qualify insurance, medical staffing companies and other operators and securing long term contracts to provide our inventory of homes to their clients.

As a Private Money Lender Relationship Agent, your main job is to build and nurture relationships with private money lenders to get funding for our real estate projects. It's a dynamic role where you need great sales and networking skills, financial know-how, and a good grasp of real estate finance.

Key Responsibilities:

Business Development Agent:

• Conduct research on social platforms and communities such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and the internet to identify target companies for outreach.
• Responsible for reaching out to insurance, medical staffing companies, and other operators.
• Initiate outreach efforts through cold calling prospects and diligently follow up to secure long-term contracts.
• Secure long-term contracts to provide inventory of homes to clients.
• Negotiate contracts with new business partners.
• Focus on establishing and maintaining relationships to drive business growth.
• Perform market research to stay updated on industry trends and ensure our company remains competitive.
• Administrative reporting and logging in our CRM and other internal platforms.

Relationship Agent/ B2B Sales Real Estate Investor (Private Money Lender Relationship Agent):

• Researching and Identifying Potential Lenders: Conduct market research to find suitable private money lenders interested in real estate investments.
• Building and Maintaining Relationships: Establish trust and credibility with lenders through regular communication to keep them informed about projects and opportunities.
• Creating Customized Presentations and Proposals: Develop tailored presentations highlighting project potential returns and risk mitigation strategies to attract lender interest.
• Negotiating Funding Terms: Negotiate terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules with lenders to align with project requirements and financial objectives.
• Collaborating on Due Diligence: Work with internal teams to provide lenders with comprehensive project information, financial analysis, and risk assessments.
• Ensuring Compliance: Ensure all lending activities comply with legal and regulatory requirements, including obtaining necessary licenses or permits.
• Staying Informed about Market Trends: Stay updated on market trends, interest rate fluctuations, and industry news to provide informed recommendations to lenders.
• Maintaining Accurate Records: Keep meticulous records of lender interactions, agreements, and project funding status, providing regular updates to senior management.
• Facilitating Communication between Lenders and Project Teams: Act as a liaison, ensuring smooth feedback and communication for successful project execution.

• Proven track record in sales, preferably in real estate finance or a related industry.
• Preferably with Real Estate or Property Management experience.
• Must be able to meet KPI's and comfortable to make calls to cold leads.
• Must have headset and quiet place during work hours, strong reliable internet and computer to work virtually.
• Must be proficient in thinking outside the box to find potential prospects and logging in CRM.
• Strong network of private money lenders or investors is highly desirable.
• Financial acumen and the ability to analyze real estate investment opportunities.
• Understanding of legal and regulatory requirements related to real estate finance.
• Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
• Self-motivated, proactive, and able to work independently.
• Attention to detail and organizational skills are critical.
• Strong proficiency in virtual communication tools and remote work practices.

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