Part - Time Marketing and Sales Assistant

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Part Time


7 - 10 USD




Jun 27, 2024


Hours: 4-5 hours per day (flexible schedule in EDT)

Job Description:

We are seeking a highly experienced Part-Time Marketing Assistant to join our team. This is a long-term opportunity for someone who excels in lead generation and marketing. You will be responsible for building and managing our LinkedIn presence, posting content, engaging with followers, and executing systematic cold email and customer nurturing campaigns. Additionally, you will use Google and other methods to generate leads, connect with decision-makers, and book appointments. You will also assist in overall marketing strategy development and execution to support our growth goals.

Key Responsibilities:

- LinkedIn Profile Building: Develop and optimize our LinkedIn profile to enhance visibility and credibility.
- Content Posting: Post our videos and articles. Schedule and manage regular posts to maintain a strong online presence.
- Community Engagement: Engage with followers and people/companies we follow like a stalker by responding to comments and messages and liking and commenting on others' content to build our network.
- Cold Email Campaign: Help establish and execute a cold email campaign targeting potential clients.
- Customer Nurturing Campaign: Develop and manage a campaign to nurture existing customers, increasing their engagement and loyalty.
- Lead Generation: Use Google, LinkedIn, and other platforms to generate leads and fill our sales pipeline.
- Lead Management: Connect with decision-makers, manage leads through the sales funnel, and book appointments for our sales team.
- Analytics and Reporting: Track and analyze key performance metrics to measure the success of marketing efforts. Provide regular reports and insights for continuous improvement.
- Collaboration: Work closely with our sales and operations teams to ensure alignment and support company objectives.
- Tools Utilization: Proficient use of marketing tools and platforms such as LinkedIn, Google Analytics, email marketing software, CRM systems, and more.


- Proven experience in LinkedIn profile building and management.
- Strong ability to create and post engaging content.
- Demonstrated success in executing cold email and customer nurturing campaigns.
- Experienced in lead generation using Google and other platforms.
- Excellent communication and engagement skills.
- Organized, efficient, and capable of managing multiple tasks.
- Ability to work independently and take initiative.
- Proficient in marketing tools and platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, Google Analytics, CRM systems, email marketing software).
- Strong analytical skills to track performance and provide actionable insights.
- Familiarity with market research and competitive analysis.
- Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

Important Notes:

Results-Driven: Please do not apply if you cannot produce tangible results. We need someone who can hit the ground running and deliver measurable outcomes.
Long-Term Commitment: We are looking for a long-term teaUpgrade to see actual infomber dedicated to helping our company grow and succeed.
Professionalism: Must maintain high professionalism in all interactions and communications.

How to Apply:

We'd love to hear from you if you are a no-nonsense, results-driven marketing professional with the experience and skills we need.

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