Administrative Assistant to Joe, a Professional Public Speaker - Looking for a unicorn!

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Part Time


Competitive Rates Plus Rhino Perks (wellness package, PTO, 13th month, quarterly bonus, bi-annual increase)




Jun 28, 2024


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I’m Rhino Julie, and I LOVE building super teams to service our clients' needs.

If you love a challenge, love problem solving, love working with others (and also love working by yourself LOL), and it makes you happy when you overdeliver for clients, I want you on my team!

My promise to you:
*I provide a FUN working environment.
*We are constantly learning new things.
*We are a team who wants to be the best at what we do, which means you have the BEST teammates.
*I ALWAYS pay on time.
*I treat all of my teaUpgrade to see actual infombers with respect and love.

Client Overview:
*Our client, Joe, is a Professional Public Speaker. His main channel for coordinating public speaking gigs is through his email which he describes as a “black hole”.
*So, he needs a unicorn to come in and help streamline his email organization to increase efficiency. He is very laid-back so you will have an easy time working and interacting with him!

Client Requirements:
*Must have proficiency in email management
*Must have proficiency in calendar management
*Must have proficiency in Google tools (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets)
*Must have proficiency in Microsoft tools (Word, Powerpoint)
*Must be able to work a 4-hour block (Part Time) between 8AM-5PM Central Time (US)

Software tools used by the client:
*Google tools (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets)
*Microsoft tools (Word, Powerpoint)
*Calendly or something similar

*Organize and categorize incoming emails based on importance
*Identify opportunities for automation to improve email efficiency
*Manage the calendar and schedule
*Oversee the client’s daily workflow to increase productivity

Additional tasks that may be incorporated at a later stage of employment:
*Find new clients
*Develop a marketing strategy
*Find speaking gigs
*Follow up with the conference goers

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Our super cool hiring process:

*We have real people communicating with you and looking at your application!
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Please note that there is a 1-time Profile that you will help us fill out before the Paid Test. This profile will be sent to our clients, along with your Paid Test results. We value you as a person, and we value your time. Once you're in with Rhino Squad, you're IN, and you have lots of job opportunities available to you. So we appreciate your help in preparing your details to present to our clients.

IMPORTANT: Do not book on Rhino Julie's client booking page, this causes our potential clients to be unable to book sales calls with her. We love your enthusiasm, but Rhino Julie's job is to get clients for our virtual assistants to get their dream jobs. Our recruitment teams job is to take care of our applicants and help them match with their dream job. So, please apply here for your dream job and we will invite you for an interview if your qualifications match the job you're interested in. We cannot stress how important it is to leave her calendar open for her client calls.

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