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Jun 13, 2023


About Agtuary

Agtuary is a software company in the Agriculture and Land Management sector with a mission to provide seamless, smart and simple solutions to farmers, agribusiness and related enterprises. We provide unique KYP (Know Your Property) and KYE (Know Your Environment) solutions including carbon accounting, land use analysis, sustainability reporting, project and property appraisal and related workflow applications.

Agtuary’s Know Your Environment (KYE) services enables you to map, measure, monitor & report on sustainability & climate risks for land & natural assets. Our platform guides farmers to uncover the risks and see the opportunities in managing climate change, nature related risks and sustainability across supply chains, ecosystems and economies.

About the role

Working across a wide range of technologies, the role will touch upon aspects of data analytics, such as rainfall, temperature data and more, to building and maintaining API's that support our platform and products. You will be working directly on a unique tech stack that drives a changing landscape in the Australian agricultural and property tech space.

We are looking for a special candidate who has built and delivered an entire project before, knowing the tech stack in and out, having built part or all of it themselves and has achieved major success with paying customers. Being able to build and deliver to a high calibre is very important to Agtuary and we have a high bar as to which candidates we are interested in.

You will be across most of our products and services, from a self-service mobile application, to our data analytics pipeline, to one-off small data projects. You will be responsible for a range of activities, from managing a team of developers, to working with our CEO and CTO to define and scope new features, ensuring timely delivery of new features and bug fixes. We have a wide range of customers that have led us to develop a mature tech stack, and are looking for an extraordinary person to lead and deliver on our product roadmap, and play a significant role growing Agtuary and beyond.


Having worked in/managed a team of developers before
Have built/lead at least one successful commercial software/SaaS product before
Have a diligent ability to be across many aspects of our tech stack at once
Minimum 5 years of experience in software development
Minimum 2 years of experience in a team lead role
Minimum 2 years of React/React Native experience
Minimum 3 years of Python experience
Minimum 3 years of Typescript experience
Knowledge of REST API's and general API design

Good to have:

Knowledge of/past experience with data engineering
Extensive use of JSON data structures
Have built mobile apps with React Native before
Have built and lead a product team before
Knowledge of Zarr and Numpy Python libraries
Knowledge of AWS services, such as S3, Lambda, API Gateway, etc.


Contact Person: Brent Wedesweiler

Member since: April 27, 2023

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