Multiple Hirings For A Short Form Content Agency

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Jun 01, 2023


Hi, we’re looking to hire multiple people for different positions in our Short Form Content Agency. Below are the positions we currently have.

Editing manager :

Responsible for managing the team of editors, maintaining consistent quality, ensuring adherence to brand guidelines, providing feedbacks and training new editors on predefined SOPs & guidelines.

Outreach specialist :

Responsible for developing and executing outreach strategies for the agency, identifying and reaching out to potential clients, and bringing in new leads regularly.

Video editor :
Responsible for editing short form videos, mostly similar to the famous Hormozi style.

(We will have more roles as well moving forward, these include Content strategist, Creative director, Clients satisfaction manager, Content writer/SM seo expert, Appointment setter, and HR/Hiring & training person. You can apply for these roles as well and we’ll reach out to you whenever we have the need.)

We are looking to hire experienced and responsible people only, and to work with them for the long Upgrade to see actual info some case an individual can handle multiple positions as well. But please do not apply for all the Upgrade to see actual infontion at the top of your proposal which position are you applying for, why we should hire you, and your experience in that niche.
(If you possess any additional helpful skills/qualities, feel free to mention those as well)

Good communication skills is a must. As well as to be comfortable to get on a call sometimes.

For the Editing manager, we are looking for an experienced and responsible video editor who can lead a team of video editors. We’ll be teaching you our style of editing, and guidelines (nothing too fancy). And then expect you to train and bring new hirings on par, and maintain quality. You’ll be responsible for getting the work done, and delivering in time. Dividing work among editors, keeping track, and meeting deadlines.

Looking forward to having you onboard long term!

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