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Full Time


$600 / Mo.




May 23, 2023


We're not just looking for a Web Admin to just fill a job. This position is a stepping stone to joining an up-and-coming IT and web company.

As you review the description, we welcome any questions you may have about the position or our team. The position will start at 5 - 10 hours per week and gradually increase to 30 hours per week over a 30 day period as we train you. All possibilities for raises are based upon work performance.

This posting is for an audition. We will be selecting 3 - 5 candidates to hire for a test run (all candidates will be paid for their time provided they complete the task(s)). After seeing your work, we'll choose who to bring on to the team. Strong English grammar is the main "requirement" - 2nd is WordPress / Elementor experience - for this position (we can train you on everything else).

Position Overview

Your role will be to complete and resolve issues from various web, Google Search Console, DNS, web hosting, Google Analytics, etc. tasks that we will have outlined in process / procedure outline documents. Many of these tasks will be recurring over time (over time some tasks may lead to designing brand new WordPress / Elementor websites). It will be your job to take that process / procedure outline document and complete the task.

If there are things that are unclear in the documents, let us know that they're unclear and we'll update the document (communication is VERY important). Also, if you notice a way that some of the tasks can get completed in a faster or better way, tell us how.

The requirements of each are listed below:

Integrity, Commitment, and Desire to Upgrade to see actual infoegrity - You are a good fit if you can be honest with your fellow teaUpgrade to see actual infombers. Open communication and honesty are paramount to myself and the team. If you aren't able to hit a deadline or you make a mistake, be upfront about it, we are all human after Upgrade to see actual infomitment - We've had freelancers for one project and others for years. We are looking for someone who is looking for a long-term relationship with the expectation that this will become full-time. If you're just looking for a few months of work, this is not for Upgrade to see actual infosire to Learn - We are a small team, but growing fast. We want people who are open to learning new skills and taking on new projects. If you're not excited about improving your skills and trying other things outside of even our descriptions, this is not for you.

If this sounds like you, please apply below and I will personally read your application and answer any questions you may have - the more questions the Upgrade to see actual info your proposal please include some examples of your work and start the first line with "MMLLC Web Person - Mambo Cabana" so that I know you actually read the complete job description.

Also, please include web addresses / URLs of your previous work.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!


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