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Jun 02, 2023


Hi there Super VA,

Do you want to work in the comfort of your home? Is it your dream to be with your family while providing for their needs?
Do you want to be the SUPERSTAR for the company? Do you love when clients praise you in public? Are you an A-Player? Would you want to work with confident people just like you? Are you a problem solver and not a complainer? Are you a detail-oriented person? Life will never be the same for you!

I am Kent Weed the owner of Upgrade to see actual info. Here is my website: Upgrade to see actual info/home

I am looking for a Digital Marketing Upgrade to see actual info is a full-time position so if you have any full-time position or looking for a part-time job you might not be fit for this position.

Below is the complete Job description:


I'm looking for an experienced person to handle my social media and manage my website. I am active on multiple platforms. Twitter, IG, FB, and Linked In, are the primary focus. This person must be creative and also have skills in writing to help with creating blogs for my Upgrade to see actual info addition, they need to be knowledgeable in Canvas to help create artwork around posts. We are also doing a lot more of our work with AI utilizing Chat GPT and Midjourney

We target individuals who are looking for help in their lives with Anxiety, Stress, and Sleep issues. I also have a meditation program that we market online as well - Upgrade to see actual info

I currently use Trello to compose my posts, which average 3 a week right now.

Qualities: Creative, Organized, Problem Solver

Software: Trello, Canvas, Karta. spreadsheets, google docs, what's app, ChatGPT and Midjourney, Social Media sites - (Twitter, IG, FB, and Linked In)

Expected Outcome:
1. Create posts for my approval and post regularly on various platforms
2. Work with me to strategize on posts in creating the most views, and likes, in addition to growing followers,
3. Grow my social media on a regular basis.
4. Create and write Blogs for my website and posts.
5. Manage and update the website
6. Respond on social media to likes, comments, etc from posts.

Working Hours: Somewhat flexible due to the type of work. but roughly 12 pm - 8 pm Pacific Time

I am Monic your Talent Manager and I will be with you all through this fantastic journey.

We love working with a VA that fits our mission, values, and pace. We are excited to grow with you!!

If you'd love to be that Super Virtual Assistant, click fill out this link Upgrade to see actual info

I look forward to meeting you! :)

Thank you!

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