Passionate Christian in DevOps / Linux / Docker / k3s role

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Apr 05, 2023


----- ATTENTION: This is a VERY technical role - it is not for beginners and requires a thorough knowledge of Linux -----
---------- NO Virtual Assistants - Linux Geeks Only ----------

We are seeking a passionate Christians Systems Geek to join our team.

If you are a committed Christian with a passion for Linux / DevOps / k3s / OpenSource / Hosting Technology, are passionate about your Christian faith and are committed to living out your faith at home and in the workplace, we want to hear from you.

Our business has been around for over 15 years, and we have dUpgrade to see actual info to start to grow the production team this year.

Working with us

- You should be online during Australian Business hours unless otherwise negotiated.

- Always report to management when you log on.

- Communication is critical and will only work out if lines of communication stay open and transparent.

- We use software similar to Hubstaff to manage timekeeping and accountability. This software proves you did the work and helps us track the time to pay you correctly.

- We expect you to focus and pay attention to Upgrade to see actual infotail is critical to doing a good job. If you read this, please reply to the advert with your favourite bible verse in the subject, so we know you read our whole advert.

- We do not allow our teaUpgrade to see actual infombers to outsource their Upgrade to see actual infol us if you feel you are good at managing projects so we can ensure you do what you love!

- As Christians ourselves, we are accountable to our creator. This is ~HIS~ business; we do business how we believe he would.

- We are advertising for Passionate Christians because many would not feel comfortable with some of our God-centred conversations.


- We pay our workers directly to their bank accounts in the Philippines.

- We only talk in Pesos, not USD or AUD.

- We do not use Paypal or other companies.

Our usual three levels of payment + knowledge classification:

- Level 1: Apprentice / Assistant - 150 pesos per hour

- - You are doing the hard work and learning the skills needed

- Level 2: Technician / Worker - 300 pesos per hour

- - You have learnt what is needed to do your job well

- Level 3: Expert - 400 pesos per hour

- - You know your job 100% and can even guide Upgrade to see actual infoeelance, part-time and full-time positions.

- We only put people on casual hours from the start. Then, we trial you on a project with our existing team to see how you work and if you will fit our culture.

- Once proven, we give you casual work as we get it. This can sometimes work out to full-time anyway.

There are two possibilities:

- SysOps / Admin (Level 2)
Your job will be to troubleshoot and work through installing different server-based technologies.
The business owner is tech-savvy but can't do every job simultaneously *Smile*.

- Consultant / Guide (Level 3)
Your job will be to guide us on systems, and Open Source Self Hosted products which we will use to supper the team better.
When we get stuck on something, you may be invited to do a live session working through it with us - two minds are better than one!

If you want to be involved, please apply!

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