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Aug 01, 2023


We are looking to hire an experienced Marketing Operations Analyst to join our growing team of market researchers, analysts and professionals. As Marketing Ops Analyst, you need to have a solid background in managing and utilizing our CRM tools. You are also responsible for optimizing our SEO, ads, and analytics tools in order to plan and execute data-driven initiatives that will maximize the efficiency of all marketing campaigns and drive the company to growth.

Role and Responsibilities:

-- Be the marketing team's in-house HubSpot expert and use this expertise to create efficient and effective programs. You’ll manage HubSpot lists, workflows, integrations, contact settings, forms, reports & analytics tools, and marketing tools.
-- Monitor Google Analytics and AdWords and report on metrics, trends, and performance against KPIs.
-- Establish and maintain scalable processes that ensure best practices in campaign and lead management.
-- Create and maintain metrics reports on marketing and sales activities and effectiveness and business impact.
-- Proactively explore data to find trends, discover KPIs, and apply proper testing.
-- Provide recommendations that enhance future campaign performance and measurements.
-- Develop robust KPIs and scorecards for marketing performance monitoring.
-- Present analysis and findings to a variety of audiences.
-- Evaluate new technologies and add-on applications to improve and optimize marketing team performance.

Requirements and Skill Set

-- 2+ years of experience in a similar role
-- Must have experience with Hubspot or Salesforce
-- Understand Google Analytics and Google Adwords
-- Experience in using Wordpress
-- Prior experience building reporting models
-- C2 English Proficiency
-- Analytical and data-driven approach to marketing

We want a strong team player who possesses a go-getter attitude with an entrepreneurial spirit, ready to hurdle whatever challenges each project brings and ensure that things get done as expected. More importantly, we want a person with integrity and reliability at the Upgrade to see actual info other words, a teaUpgrade to see actual infomber with solid character and work ethics, and a passion for their craft.

You will be successful at this function if you are:

- a strong team player who possesses a go-getter attitude with an entrepreneurial spirit. - confident and personable while remaining fun. Able to deftly take charge with a smile, and navigate organizations with ease.
- a smart, hardworking and down-to-earth leader who is ready to hurdle whatever challenges each project brings and ensure that things get done as expected
- focused, resourceful, digitally aware, and able to research and identify what you need to get the job done.

The position is 100% remote work, which allows for flexibility, but you must have a relatively good working environment where you can work quietly and uninterrupted.

The ideal schedule is during the US Eastern time zone, Monday to Friday.

What you can expect

– Above-average remuneration. Excellent work deserves proper compensation.
– Paid probationary period (2 to 8 weeks), during which your performance will be evaluated.
– Currently, the role is for a full time independent contractor, with the potential to evolve into a full time employee with benefits, after performance reviews.

If you believe that you have the background and experience that match the role, please click the link below which will take you to our official application form.

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Preference will be given to those who followed instructions and submitted via the application form.

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