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Real Estate Cold Calling Position

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Oct 22, 2023


Appointment setter (Cold Caller) Job Description

Cinch Home Buyers is a company that cares about our employees and clients as they are family, we are goal-oriented. We’re a team united by our shared values of honesty, hard work, goal-oriented, and team-driven.

We are a virtual Real Estate business, with 12 employees, we work with thousands of sellers and buyers, who love our relationship with them!

-----What you’ll do-----

As a Cold Caller, you’ll be responsible for:

Each day different from the next; especially in personal interactions
Fast-paced environment
Multiple projects going simultaneously
Extremely socially-focused Great deal of attention devoted to building and maintaining relationships
Warm, empathetic, and helpful
Anything but routine decisions must not be made in a vacuum: it's very important to involve others in the process
Most of the information that must be collected before making a decision comes from other people: customers, colleagues, consultants, etc
Communication is energetic, lively, free flowing, and informal
Very persuasive, “selling” communication required
Highly collaborative position: much time is spent working with others
High degree of comfort in delegation is required: position involves delegation of both authority and details
Must quickly trust in others and be able to delegate easily, even with new people
Leadership through building and maintaining strong relationships
Very little follow-up required on delegated tasks; a deep understanding of others' capabilities and trust in their commitment is necessary

----The duties of this job are primarily about making connections with other people. Relationships are formed quickly, informally, and comfortably, and gaining the enthusiasm and cooperation of Upgrade to see actual info this job, it is very important to connect with other people: to meet new and different people on a day to day basis, to quickly form relationships, and to use those relationships to get work done. Great attentiveness to other people is required: an ability to read other people, to listen to them, and to empathize with them. Much of the work centers around working with and through other people.

The job involves persuading others through gaining an understanding of where they’re coming from, and using that information to bring them to your desired Upgrade to see actual infomunication is almost always of a "selling" rather than "telling" nature. A lively enthusiasm is necessary. Personal interactions will generally be upbeat and cheerful, requiring someone who is warm, helpful, and friendly. Others must be put at ease, and feel welcome. This work is not detail-oriented in nature. The same easy-going, informal manner that is required of personal interactions carries over into any work products.

The job is relatively free from direct involvement with details, with few strict guidelines. This job allows much flexibility in how the results are produced. There will be a fair degree of difference from one day to the next, especially with regard to personal interactions. There will be several "pots on the fire" at once, and a relatively quick pace is required to keep everything going smoothly.

The following experience is relevant to us:

Real Estate Experience is a plus.
Prior experience with an investment company or real estate brokerage or leasing agency is ideal.

***** Optional, to put yourself ahead of the crowd*****

-Put the word “LETS CALL!” in the intro of the application.

-You MUST submit a Upgrade to see actual info recording of yourself. Give a bit of your story and why you are a perfect fit for the more than 2 min.

-Take our onboarding test and send us a message!
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When we find someone with the drive for greatness, we do not look back!

Thank You Greatly!


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