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May 29, 2023


We are immediately hiring for an Amazon Wholesale Expert position.

We are looking to hire loyal, hardworking, trustworthy, and with good work ethic employees who are fully committed to their role and in the company.

Expected to work 5 days per week, 8 hours each day from 6AM-2PM EST.

*At least 3 or more experience with product sourcing
*Someone with strong experience in product analysis and PC2, AZinsight, and Keepa.
*Someone that
*Know how to contact suppliers and open accounts, analyze supplier product lists, etc.
*Someone that knows warehouses that we can ship products that we buy to, that will accept the package, prepare it for Amazon and send to Amazon warehouse for us
*It would be helpful if they also know how to use "BQool" which automatically changes the Amazon price of the product we are selling to the lowest price, so it sells. They do not need to answer in 24 hours, we can give them a little longer
*3 years minimum experience

*Amazon wholesale expert will be finding products from suppliers that are profitable and sell consistently on Amazon. Employer will be the one to place the order.
*The expert will analyze product catalog with PC2, AZinsight, and Keepa.
*The expert will monitor the shipment to the warehouse we select which will prep the products and ship them to Amazon's warehouse.
*The expert will manage the Amazon store and enter product details and monitor any problems with shipments or sales.

Please answer the following screening questions and get back to me.

Do you speak perfectly fluent English?
How fast is your internet connection? Send a screenshot from Upgrade to see actual info
Where are you in the Philippines?
How are the power outages there?

Do you have your own computer?
Will you work from home or from an Internet café?

Have you worked for foreign employers before?
How much is your hourly rate?
When could you start?

What Amazon Wholesale Expert experience do you have?
How long have you been doing Amazon Wholesale Expert work?
Can you send me some references for the Amazon Wholesale Expert work you’ve done?
Do you have relationships with wholesale suppliers in the US?

Do you currently have a job?
If yes, with whom?
How many hours do you work for them?
How long have you been with them?
What do you do for them?
Please write a paragraph of why I should hire you. Don’t send a list of your experience; describe it to me.

If you think you are qualified for this position, please send your resume and 2-3 minutes voice recording from Upgrade to see actual info about yourself, your experience and edge over other candidates to Upgrade to see actual info you!

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