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Part Time






Feb 16, 2023


The mission for the social media manager is to create, schedule and share content that accurately represents the values and lends to the strategic goals of the company.

Who are we:
Dynamic Dogs was started in 2003. Our mission is to help families all over the world by breeding and training assistance/companion Australian Cobberdogs with a focus on reaching children with autism, allergies and Upgrade to see actual info addition to this, we provide lifelong support through our resource centre/online courses ‘Puppy Classroom’, create & sell nutritious dog food recipes through our brand ‘Designer Dog Foods’, offer care whilst families go on holiday with our boarding kennel & cattery which has it’s own on-site photography studio, groomers, vets and residential training centre. Our most recent venture is ‘Cobberdogs in the Community’, a non-profit CIC which aims to reach more members of the community and support children who would benefit from a canine companion by placing them in schools, hospitals etc.

1. Purpose of the role? Why does this position exists? This position is the bridge between us and our clients - previous, present and Upgrade to see actual info enables us to advertise current availability, promote products, encourage families to give pupdates/testimonials, and share stories of the incredible work our pups for community internationally. Social media allows us to spread our message, build upon our already strong reputation, and provide future clients with peace of mind that they can trust our knowledge & experience.

2. Desired Results - visible and measurable evidence of success in this role
DoodleDogs has a strong foundation from which to build upon. Our social media presence is growing and needs consistency, as well as innovation. We are looking to increase engagement, as well as the number of social leads converted to sales.
Goals would include: Increase # of followers by 5?ch month (on each platform), maintain a schedule of 2 posts per day, create/convert blog posts/articles into social media content and email newsletters.

3. Skills, Traits & Competencies - specific skills, traits and competencies necessary to be successful in this role (this is in addition to the company core values listed at number 5)
Experience with Canva, Slack, Google Sheets, Facebook Ads
Attention to detail - check spelling/grammar/formats
Organisation & planning - create & schedule routine content in advance, e.g. Christmas/halloween etc
Adaptability - ability to switch between platforms and branding
Growth mindset - openness to feedback & ideas
Excellent English skills
Experience in social media management
Experience in image creation or graphic design would be a bonus!

4. Key Responsibilities - specific actions, tasks or areas of responsibility this role will oversee
Collection & organisation of media on google drive/dropbox
Research & identification of trends, current events, national days etc
Creating, scheduling & captioning content using Canva
Interacting with followers/Responding to comments/Answering questions
Data collection - quarterly review of analytics via google sheets
Collaborate with marketing/sales/product development teams via slack/skype/zoom

5. Evidencing our Core Values - behaviour demonstrating an understanding of and alignment with the company’s stated core values
Warm welcome - we give everyone we meet a warm welcome (and goodbye), we treat them with respect and communicate with Upgrade to see actual infotail - we double check our work, the spelling/grammer, the format/borders
Initiative - we come up with creative and helpful solutions
Reputation - our actions reflect the values and mission of the company, we only share content that is aligned with the vision
Make it fun - we get it done but we make it fun, we have a laugh even when doing the hard tasks, we encourage our team to unleash their creativity and come up with new, fun ideas
Growth - we constantly find ways to grow, as individuals, as a team & as a company. We acknowledge that feedback is the breakfast of champions, are open to the ideas of others, and strive to learn/develop skills.
Rally - we pick up each other’s slack without passing the buck, we work as a team. We support each other, offer/ask for help when needed.

Work schedule:
This is a part-time position, with a hourly rate of $11.90. We are looking for 12-20hrs/week, over weekdays, with time recorded on hubstaff. You will qualify for 3 vacation leaves after the 6 month probation period.

Culture Questionnaire:
Please complete this questionnaire alongside your application - Upgrade to see actual info

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